The Power of Cold Calling

Cold calling has been proclaimed “dead” as a marketing technique countless times, and yet we all still receive cold calls at home, and, for many of us, at work as well. The reason this “dead” method hangs around so persistently is simple…it’s extremely effective.

Cold calling can be used for direct sales, but it’s far more efficient and effective as a lead generator. Combined with a good customer resource management platform, a well-designed calling program will keep the top of the sales funnel full of initially qualified prospects thanks to three of its most significant benefits: cost-effectiveness, refinability, and scalability.


Cold Calling is Cost-Effective

Cold calling – when done correctly – can be a very cost-effective way to generate leads. That’s because with the right tools, the calling process – which is highly repetitive in nature – can be streamlined to the point where even a small sales team can contact hundreds of prospects in a single day.

Making those calls manually and shooting from the hip is a surefire way to lose money, but using CRM tools like a lead management database and a full-featured power dialer can refine your team’s cold calling by automating as much of the process as is legally possible. The result is that your agents won’t waste time manually dialing, manually leaving a voicemail, or manually making call notes.

Those tools mean more outgoing calls made and more leads into the top of your funnel, significantly boosting the cost-effectiveness of your calling efforts.


Cold Calling is Refinable

One major advantage of cold calling is that, like email marketing or direct mail, it offers a large sample size that you can use to monitor the success (or lack thereof) of individual scripts or campaigns. That data enables call scripts to be constantly refined in order to boost customer response, ensuring that each call made has the greatest possible chance of turning the recipient into a hot lead or even a sale.

A good CRM system helps to accomplish that refinement by automatically logging information about every call, offering easy recording for training and review purposes, and enabling agents to easily add call notes. That data, which can be easily tracked back to each individual call and script, is a goldmine from a management perspective.


Cold Calling is Scalable

Once a high-converting script has been locked down, cold calling offers extreme scalability. The only limit is the number of potential customers you can find to add to your team’s call sheets. Because cold calling can be done from almost anywhere, it isn’t even necessary to bring on extra staff. Scaling up can be as simple as farming out the script and call list to one of the many professional call centers handling outbound marketing for companies all over the country.

When scaling up is done in-house, the risk is that the increase in volume will result in a drop in quality or in good leads slipping through the cracks. A customer resource management platform like CRMDialer helps with scaling by offering a robust power dialer and unlimited lead profiles so that no matter how large an agent’s call sheet gets, they’ll be able to efficiently handle the call load and easily keep on top of each lead they generate.

CRMDialer is a fully-featured customer resource management tool designed to streamline every step of sales and customer management, including outbound calling. The built-in power dialer enables agents to reach out to prospects as efficiently as possible with tools like automatic or one-click dialing, voicemail drop, Local Presence calling, and more.

CRMDialer is the ideal tool to boost the volume and the quality of calls your team makes on a daily basis, resulting in hotter leads, a faster sales process, and increased revenues. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial today!