Boost Sale Conversions

From direct mail to e-commerce, to traditional telephone sales and in-person sales, finding ways to boost conversion rates is the key to making more money and maximizing success. Luckily, there are certain sales techniques that can universally help close more deals, regardless of whether a human salesperson is involved in the process or not. The three proven tips below work because they focus solely on what’s important to the buyer, both from a psychological standpoint and one of convenience. Applying them, whether to web copy or a cold-calling script, is sure to help boost conversions and closes. 


1. Sell Benefits and Value, Not Features

Regardless of the sales medium, one of the most common mistakes that waste both time and resources during the sales process is a focus on the features of a product or service. The reality is that features don’t matter – at least not to buyers. A built-in GPS doesn’t help sell a car. What does help sell a car is a prospect of never being lost. The GPS is the feature; never being lost again is the benefit. Benefits and the value they provide to potential customers are what matter, and focusing on them is a surefire way to speed up the sales process and close more deals.


2. Cleary Ask the Prospect to Take Action

Copywriters clearly understand the value of a strong call to action, but a strong request for a buyer to take the desired action is equally important in phone-based and in-person sales as well. A written copy can afford to be more demanding – it isn’t a good idea to shout “buy now” during a sales call – but salespeople often fail to close deals because they’re afraid to clearly ask a prospect for the sale. Every sales call meeting should include multiple trial closes – instances where the salesperson asks for the sale. If the prospect agrees, it’s money in the bank. If they hesitate, it’s a clear signal to the salesperson to look for more objections to address. In either case, asking for the sale clearly is a win-win.


3. Make it as Easy as Possible to Pay 

Whether it’s via a website, an email, a phone call, or a face-to-face meeting, once a buyer has made the decision to buy, it’s imperative to close the deal as quickly as possible and to enable the customer to pay as easily as possible. The best way to do that is to offer clients the ability to pay via credit card online, over the phone, and, in certain situations, even in-person. A good customer resource management system will integrate online payment processing into the same software used for calling, emailing, and web tracking, making it a breeze to enable clients to pay almost as soon as they’ve made the decision to pull the trigger. 

CRMDialer is a full-featured customer resource management tool that streamlines all aspects of the sales and customer management process. From advanced lead management to a full communications suite to web tracking, it brings every part of sales and marketing into a single software platform. CRMDialer’s built-in payment processing enables sales agents to take credit cards and ACH e-check payments right through the CRM, both online and over the phone.