Try CRMDialer, the Ultimate CRM Sales Tool

CRMDialer is the most complete customer resource management tool on the market today. By combining a full-featured CRM with an enterprise-quality power dialer right out of the box, CRMDialer creates an unparalleled sales tool that can enhance all aspects of your sales process. It also enables your administration, streamlines company-wide workflows, and reduces your monthly software and telephone bills. 

Just a few of the areas CRMDialer enhances include your lead collection and management, your relationship building and sales process delivery, your communications, billing and payments, visitor tracking, analytics, and more. 


CRM Lead Collection

Problem: Collecting leads organically is difficult, and buying leads is expensive and often ineffective. 


Solution: CRMDialer’s automated lead collection enables you to create new lead accounts in the system instantly using the information from a number of customer interactions, like web-based information request forms, inbound calls to your business, inbound emails, and more.  


By expanding the ways you can collect leads and making account creation automatic, CRMDialer keeps the top of your sales funnel full while significantly reducing your prospecting costs. 


System-Wide CRM Data Access

Problem: Your operations and customer interactions generate a ton of valuable data, but it’s diffuse and often goes uncollected, making it difficult to use. 


Solution: CRMDialer centralizes all of your customer data and makes it easy to access the information you need in a matter of seconds, no matter where you are in the CRM. And, because CRMDialer automatically logs all key customer interactions, you’ll never have to worry about a key data point being missed. 


By capturing more data, organizing it in an intuitive way, and making access to it frictionless, CRMDialer ensures you can pull significant value from every customer and lead interaction and generate the most efficient, targeted sales process possible. 


Complete Communications Centralization

Problem: Your staff leans heavily on a number of communications platforms, including email, text messages, chat, the telephone, and more. But juggling them all wastes time and makes it harder to keep up. 


Solution: CRMDialer centralizes every aspect of your communications, enabling your staff to manage everything from a single, easy-to-use point of control. The system enables you to import your Gmail and Outlook accounts, enabling two-way syncing of your incoming and outgoing email. You can also manage your Google and Outlook calendars, as well. The system also includes built-in two-way text messaging, and even an internal chat platform that rivals systems like Microsoft Teams and Slack. 


Centralizing communications saves significant time, streamlines your sales team’s workflows, ensures more customer data is captured, and makes everyone’s jobs easier. 


Built-In CRM Power Dialer 

Problem: The phone is one of your most important sales tools, but traditional enterprise phone systems are expensive, and stand-alone power dialers don’t provide the features or flexibility needed to be truly effective. 


Solution: CRMDialer includes a built-in power dialer that offers everything from automatic dialing to one-click voicemail drop to local presence, advanced call analytics, interactive-voice response, and much more. And, because it’s built seamlessly into the greater CRM, customer data passes back and forth between the dialer and all other areas of the system with zero friction. 


CRMDialer’s built-in calling system eliminates your monthly phone bill and ensures that your sales team will be able to access the customer data they need to deliver more effective sales calls with ease, right while they’re on the phone. It also ensures the key data from each call is always logged to the CRM, so each call helps agents improve and refine the sales process and the next call. 


CRM Billing and Payments

Problem: The longer payment is delayed, the more likely it is that a sale will fall through. Your team needs a straight-forward, effective way to invoice new clients and accept payment as quickly as possible. 


Solution: CRMDialer’s billing and payments suite offers your team all the tools they need to quickly and easily generate invoices and take payments. Custom invoices can be generated with a few clicks, and setting up recurring billing takes seconds. The built-in credit card and ACH integrations also enable your salespeople to take immediate payment, even right over the phone while on a sales call.  


Online Visitor Tracking

Problem: Going into the sales process cold requires your team to perform need-discovery that can waste time and significantly slow down a sale. 


Solution: CRMDialer offers cookie-based web visitor tracking that automatically logs your leads’ interactions with your website, including pages visited and time spent on each. Visitor data is logged to the notes section of the lead account, making it easy for your sales team to quickly reference how each lead is interacting with your online materials. 


Knowing which pages a lead spends the most time on gives your sales team a valuable head start towards knowing what services and solutions a lead is most interested in. Coming to the table from the first contact with a deeper understanding of a lead’s needs not only speeds up the sales process, it also makes an extremely good first impression that can have positive impacts throughout the rest of the sale. 


Advanced Analytics

Problem: You can’t manage what you can’t measure, but the data you have regarding your sales operations is limited, and what you do have can be hard to wrangle, understand, and use. 


Solution: CRMDialer’s analytics and reporting suite is designed to make it easy to find exactly the information you need, when you need it, in an understandable format, without having to sift through mountains of data you don’t need. The analytics dashboard centralizes data from across the entire CRM, presents it in easy-to-understand tables and graphs, and enables you to easily sort, search, and customize your reports as needed. 


By capturing far more complete data and making it easier for you to access, understand, and use it, CRMDialer enables you to generate a far deeper understanding of your business on both a grand and granular scale, resulting in better planning and execution, and stronger growth. 


Unlimited Users and Leads

Problem: Most CRM systems offer per-user-per-month billing which seems great when you’re small, but quickly becomes unaffordable as you grow, forcing you into either a huge bill or an inconvenient technology change. 


Solution: CRMDialer offers unlimited users, unlimited leads, and unlimited storage. No matter how quickly your company grows or how large it gets, you’ll never need to worry about a skyrocketing bill. By adopting a system designed to grow with you, you can rest easier knowing that your CRM will never become a hindrance or a headache, and will always enable your company’s success. 



If you’re ready to find out more about CRMDialer and everything it can do to help not only your sales team, but your entire organization, we’d love to answer any questions you might have. Or, better yet, to see the system in action and experience the benefits first-hand, start your free, no-commitment 14-day trial of CRMDialer today.