Sales Call Center

Call center success depends on two things: each agent maintaining the highest possible calling rates, while also delivering the best possible sales process to the potential customer on the other end of the line. Customer resource management is specifically designed to take care of the second half of that equation by putting more complete customer data at your agents’ fingertips, ensuring better, more personalized service – a huge benefit in an otherwise impersonal sales environment. The following are three of the most important things to look for when selecting a new CRM to ensure that your agents can deliver an ideal sales process, while also maintaining the most efficient calling practices possible in order to keep volume up. 


1) Maximum-Efficiency Outbound Calling

Your top priority is ensuring that your agents can maximize both the quantity and quality of outbound calls they make each day. As a result, it’s important that any CRM you choose is easily and seamlessly integrated with your call center’s calling software to ensure that gaining the benefits of customer resource management doesn’t in any way interfere with or interrupt the flow of your telephone operations. That means that, at a minimum, the two pieces of software must work for hand in hand, or, ideally, they should be one and the same. CRMDialer comes with a built-in, fully integrated, full-featured power dialer at no extra charge that replaces existing phone systems and is powerful enough to serve even the largest enterprise-size calling operations. That ensures the two systems are ready to work together right out of the box, and you can rest assured knowing you’ll never have to worry about interruptions due to cross-platform issues. 


2) Frictionless Customer Information Flow

The goal of CRM is to ensure your call center can serve the prospects on the other end of the line better by providing your agents with the valuable customer data necessary to deliver a better sales process. That means it’s crucial that your setup offers completely frictionless information flow – both into and out of the CRM – so that your agents can begin every sales call from an informed position, and that the data from those calls can be used to refine the sales process in the future. CRMDialer’s power dialer is fully integrated with the platform’s lead management suite so that every call (and every interaction period) is automatically logged to each lead’s account. Your agents can even leave custom notes and indicate call outcomes in as little as a single click, and all of that historical data is automatically made available whenever a new call is launched or an incoming call is received. The result is the destruction of information silos, and organization-wide access to the most relevant, most up-to-date customer and sales information available. 


3) Robust Reporting and Analytics 

Telephone sales is a numbers game, and as with all numbers-driven activities, the more data you have, and the better you can drill down and understand it, the better you can refine your processes to improve conversions and results. Your call center’s CRM platform needs to offer advanced analytics and clear, concise reporting so that you and the rest of the management team can put that business intelligence to use in your future decision making. CRMDialer’s reporting dashboard offers complete calling analytics, covering your agents’ call volumes, times, outcomes, and much more. But, because CRMDialer is a fully integrated power dialer and CRM, the same reporting suite also covers your email communications, website visitors, billing, payments, and transactions, lead handling, and more.


CRMDialer’s perfect marriage of customer resource management and an industry-leading power dialer makes it the natural choice for any call center looking to benefit from CRM. For more information on how CRMDialer can help your call center streamline operations and boost sales numbers, start your free trial today!