Insurance CRM

As an insurance broker, you need to have powerful tools right at your fingertips to move prospects through the pipeline, keep track of leads and contacts, and sign deals from anywhere with ease and convenience. Even more, the right CRM delivers a single solution that gives call-center representatives, brokers and agents access to customer details so they can provide a seamless experience no matter what their needs may be. And perhaps among the most important factors, the best insurance sales CRM software for brokers is one that’s simple to implement, created with an intuitive interface and easy to customize to create a platform that reflects your brand.

Those are a few of the ways that CRMDialer truly shines. Even in the crowded CRM marketplace, this platform stands apart with powerful tools, easy integration and user-friendly navigation that simplifies tasks so brokers can focus on what they do best. Ready to learn more? Here are a few of the platform’s key features.

Database to Keep Everything Organized

Brokers deal with a lot of data. Keep it all in one, easy-to-access place. The database with this platform offers unlimited reporting, giving you the flexibility to keep detailed records that pull up automatically when someone calls in. That way, if someone else answers the phone or is covering for you, he or she is up to speed and ready to deliver amazing service to your leads and clients.

Power Dialer for Faster Calls

Make calls right from your browser. Click-to-call functionality speeds up your call times so you can spend less time dialing and more time talking about the important insurance details your clients and prospects need to know. This power dialer CRM also offers voicemail drop, missed call reporting and a whisper function that lets colleagues listen in and whisper hints or suggestions to the broker without the person on the other end of the line ever knowing they’re there.

Integrated Email and SMS for Improved Communication

Not that long ago, brokers would have to log into separate email accounts to get their mail and use their personal or business phones to send text messages. Not with this platform. Inbound and outbound email integrates with Google and Outlook so you can get all your email in one single spot. Even better, email templates let you create branded messages, metrics let you monitor their effectiveness and scheduling allows you automate. You can also send text messages right from your browser. That’s a huge plus, especially when you consider that SMS enjoys a substantially higher open rate than emails.

Chat for Awesome Collaborations

Maybe you have a question for a colleague, or perhaps you’d like to see a copy of that file you heard about at a recent meeting. Whatever the case may be, the integrated chat feature is a game-changer. It lets you share files, images, and conversations. You can also set up channels by topic or group. And it’s all searchable to provide information at your fingertips right when you need it.

E-Signature, Email Validation and Calendars

You’re busy and on the go. So are your prospects and clients. Being able to close deals from anywhere and get that much-needed signature with minimal hassle is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. E-signature delivers increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Email validation reduces your bounce rate so your marketing messages and follow-ups are all reaching exactly the right contact. Plus, the platform integrates with your Google or Outlook calendars, enabling you to set up tasks and reminders right within the same system.

Helpdesk for Amazing Customer Service

Having a helpdesk built right into your CRM might not sound like a big deal at first. But when you consider the importance of keeping your clients happy and you see it in action, you’ll be thanking CRMDialer for including it. The ticketing system lets you set internal SLAs and monitor every issue from the time it hits the system until it’s resolved. Best of all, you can monitor it from anywhere and on any device you choose.

Brokers can benefit from these features and all of the other powerful CRM  tools that CRMDialer has to offer.