What Software Do Mortgage Brokers Use? The Top 3 Tools Available to Brokers Today

The modern mortgage brokerage is as wired-up and connected as any tech business, and the leveraging of new tools is one of the primary ways brokers can gain a competitive advantage in an extremely competitive industry. There are a wide variety of software tools that can be of use to brokers, and while some are nice-to-haves, others are mission critical – necessary to ensure optimized growth, the best service, and maximum profitability. The following represent three of the most important types of software available to brokers today, covering the loan application and approval process, customer outreach, and wholistic operations. 


The Best Brokers Loan Origination Software

Loan origination software (LOS) is a tool designed to automate as much of the mortgage application and approval process as possible, from initial application, through document verification and underwriting, all the way to final approval and delivery of funding. 

A LOS is a high-value piece of software for a mortgage brokerage for a couple of reasons. First, because it automates much of the process, a LOS allows brokers to help applicants get funding faster, and with less work required on the broker-end. Additionally, a LOS enables brokers to start new applications from anywhere they can get a secure connection, meaning a laptop with a LOS installed becomes a powerful deal-closing tool. 

Top LOS Software: Fiserv Mortgage Director


Social Media Management Software

Word of mouth is the most effective type of advertising in the mortgage business, which makes connecting with clients and making it easy for them to like and share brokerage content and recommend their profile to others is key. Social management software is designed to make it easy to maintain a strong social process by enabling accounts across all platforms to be managed from a single dashboard. Users can monitor new interactions like friend requests and comments, plan, create, and schedule content, access analytics, and much more. 

Social media management is normally an extremely time-consuming process, but good social media management can change that, enabling a small team, or even a single person, to handle the entire social presence of even a large brokerage.

Best Social Media Management Software: Buffer


The Best Brokers Customer Resource Management Software

CRM tools are designed to streamline and automate as many of a brokerage’s standard tasks as possible, while simultaneously capturing and utilizing customer data to provide faster, smoother, more effective sales and support. 

At a minimum, a good CRM will offer a brokerage:

  • Advanced lead management tools to ensure new leads are captured more effectively, no qualified lead ever slips through the cracks, and agents and brokers always have access to complete lead and customer data. 
  • Integrated communication and scheduling tools to ensure all email, scheduling, and, in some cases, even telephone and SMS communications can be managed from a single point of control.
  • Built-in analytics, providing a clearer picture of operations and profitability to management, enabling better decision-making. 

Certain advanced platforms, like CRMDIaler, include additional tools like built-in eSignature to take the physical paper out of paperwork, integrated payments, and much more. And thanks to CRMDialer’s Zapier integration, outside tools, like Buffer, can be integrated directly into the CRM, creating a one-stop platform for all of a brokerage team’s daily tasks. 

That ability to supercharge all areas of a brokerage’s operations, from prospecting to client relations to administration and beyond, makes customer resource management software a mission-critical tool for modern mortgage brokers. 

Top Mortgage CRM: CRMDialer

If you’d like to find out more about the mortgage industry’s leading CRM, reach out to a member of the CRMDialer team with your questions, or start your no-commitment 14-day free trial to see it in action at your brokerage today!