Solar Call Center

Improvements in solar technology are changing the way we think about commercial and residential power generation, and improvements in sales technology are changing the way solar sales companies approach business. One area of tech many solar sales companies are turning to is call center software and power dialers – tools designed to make high-volume calling more effective and more efficient. The following are three of the top ways that a good power dialer will help your solar sales company improve your calling, close more deals, and offer better service. 


A Dialer will Enable Your Agents to Call More Prospects

The biggest advantage of putting a power dialer to work is that a dialer will enable your agents to work faster and more efficiently. Most dialers on the market will enable your team to build a precomposed list of their daily calls, which they can then work through automatically, completely hands-free. That not only means there’s less time wasted between each call, but it also means the unbearable repetition of a whole day of manual dialing is eliminated, making your solar call center a better work environment overall. 


A Dialer Will Enable Your Agents to Conduct a Better Sales Process

Solar sales is an ultra-competitive industry, and anything you can do to give your sales team an edge is worthwhile. Certain dialers, like the one included with CRMDialer, come fully integrated with a complete CRM platform. That means your agents will have access to a wide variety of lead management tools, as well as complete integration of their email communications, SMS, billing and payment features, internal team chat, and much more. The result is that agents on sales calls will have access to your company’s complete organizational knowledge, as well all of your prospect data – putting them in a much more informed position to deliver an effective sales process. 


A Dialer Will Enable Your Team to Handle Support Calls Better

Solar equipment is complex, and ongoing maintenance and support are a big part of the equation, especially if your customers are leasing their systems from you over a period of a decade or more. That means your solar company needs to be able to handle inbound support calls efficiently, and a good dialer will make that as easy as possible. Advanced dialers like CRMDialer offer complete interactive voice response (IVR) systems so that your inbound calls are always properly directed before reaching an agent or member of your team. Other inbound features include round-robin distribution, the ability to cherry-pick calls on hold, and more. 


CRMDialer is a leading customer resource management platform designed specifically to solve many of the problems faced by solar companies on a daily basis. In addition to its advanced power dialer, CRMDialer also offers a complete suite of tools for improving lead management, outbound marketing, customer support, document storage handling, billing, payments, and much more. For more information on how CRM can help your team sell more solar systems and improve your installation and maintenance services, start your free trial today