There’s no roadmap to business success and no miracle recipe solution to boosting sales. That said, there are many strategies you can use to help increase brand recognition and increase the odds that prospects convert to customers and that customers will remain loyal to your business. To help get you started, we rounded up some tips and tricks to help you increase your inbound sales. Which one of these 10 proven strategies are you going to try first?

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1. Define Your Customer Base

To thine own customer be true. If you don’t have a clearly defined target customer, how are you going to effectively sell to them? By tackling this first and foremost, you’ll be better prepared to target your marketing efforts and identify solid prospects. Consider the following factors that describe the person most likely to buy your product or service right now:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education
  • Family (Do they have kids?)

2. Nurture Customer Relationships

Developing a loyal customer base is key to driving sales. To do that, you have to start by hitting the phones — and email and SMS — to maintain a steady stream of new customers. At the same time, you should be listening carefully to your existing customers, efficiently handling any issues that pop up and customize your offerings to best meet their needs.

Hint: A great CRM can help you do this!

3. Become Benefits-Centric

Think about this: Why do people buy goods and services? In most cases, they’re making a purchase to solve a problem, achieve a specific effect or gain something. By presenting the benefits your business has to offer front and center, your prospects’ and customers’ view of you will gradually shift from sales organization to trusted advisor. This also allows them to better understand why they should buy from you.

4. Identify and Develop Your Competitive Edge

Why should people buy from you rather than your competitors? If you can clearly define that, then you can start better targeting your audience and more effectively presenting the unique benefits your business offers — to ultimately boost sales.

5. Leverage Technology’s Power

Technology shapes today’s business landscape. No matter what business you’re in, technology plays a huge role in your success. Why not use it to full advantage? The internet and social media provide endless opportunities to expand your customer base. Even more exciting, some of the most innovative business tools include all-in-one CRM solutions that can do everything from wrangle your database to collect payments to automate email marketing. Plus, everyone on your team will be better equipped to provide amazing service to those valuable customers you want to retain.

6. Lean on Data and Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it better. When you have an awesome CRM in place, you get the analytics you need to break down the data on sales, voids, returns, customer issues, and employee issues so that you can pinpoint exactly what needs improving. For example, when you use everyone’s favorite power dialer CRM, CRMDialer, you get email analytics (among other types of data) that tell you how effective your email campaigns are.

7. Develop Negotiation Skills

When you flex your muscles as a negotiator, then you can find solutions that make you and your customers happy. This mindset can change everything when it comes to boosting sales. Follow these three rules:

  • Ask pointed questions to gain insight.
  • Always show up prepared.
  • Remain patient throughout the process.

8. Become a Savvy Marketer

Building your brand, increasing brand recognition and leading people into your business or website are a few of the results you’ll get when you market your business. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Content and social media marketing: Build relationships with existing customers and fill your pipeline with a constantly refreshing source of leads by providing useful content on your blog and cross-promoting it on social media platforms to build a large audience.
  • Fill the funnel: Give customers and leads a reason to visit your business or website and offer benefits to keep them coming back. Loyalty programs, access to exclusive sales and promotions, and offering valuable freebies can keep that sales funnel filled, giving your team plenty of leads to contact and sales to close.
  • Offer incentives: Bundle products and services at special pricing. Hold special events to bring more people in the door or onto your website. Run limited-time sales.

9. Provide Incentives for Your Staff

Nurture your team’s competitive nature to increase their activity level. The more calls they make and people they reach out to, the more sales they’ll be making. Keep it simple and attainable to drive your team’s desire to sell as much as possible.

10. Streamline Your Business

The more tasks that you can delegate and automate, the more time you’ll have to focus on making sales. That’s where an amazing CRM like CRMDialer comes into play. Tons of integrations and a platform packed with powerful tools allow you to do more in less time. A few of the top features that this all-in-one solution provides includes:

  • A power dialer that replaces your existing phone system
  • The integrated email that syncs with Outlook and Google Mail (No logging in and out of different platforms.)
  • SMS for another effective way to communicate with customers
  • A helpdesk to track customer issues (It’s all about nurturing that customer relationship, right?)
  • Payment collection capabilities that make it easy to create invoices and take credit card, ACH and e-check payments right from your CRM

Start boosting your sales today. Sign up for CRMDialer, and you’ll be up and running within minutes. The intuitive interface requires minimal training, so you and your team can get to it quickly. 

For more information on CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or on any of the platform’s built-in sales and productivity features. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial today!