Calling Software for Mortgage and Loan Officers

When it comes to closing new mortgages and loans, the telephone is one of the most important tools of the trade. But legacy calling systems and outdated software and hardware can significantly hamper your officers’ ability to effectively and efficiently handle their daily calling tasks, hurting their close rates and your organization’s overall profitability. Luckily, modern customer resource management technology is sweeping the industry, and some advanced platforms – like CRMDialer – offer feature-packed power dialers designed specifically to target and improve the calling operations of your officers and your company. The following are just a few of the myriad ways your mortgage and loan officers can benefit from adopting the calling software in an advanced mortgage CRM like CRMDialer. 


1) Improve Your Officers’ Calling Efficiency

When it comes to working the phones, speed and efficiency are often among the most important qualities. CRM-based calling software, like the power dialer included with CRMDialer, is designed specifically to boost calling efficiency so that agents can work through more calls each day, resulting in more prospects moving through the funnel and becoming signed clients. CRMDialer enables your mortgage or loan officers to create prepopulated queues of their daily or weekly calls, and then to work through that list automatically without the need to ever manually dial a number. Calls can also be launched from directly within any lead or client account with a single click, and voicemail can be left with a single click as well, with no need to wait for the beep. The result is skyrocketed efficiency, more contacts per day, and more deals closed. 


2) Boost Call Quality and Prospect Experience

Quantity isn’t the only thing improved by CRM calling software. Quality also receives an enormous boost thanks to full integration between the calling system and the rest of the CRM. That means officers on calls have full access to the complete trove of information stored in the account of every lead and customer, so personalized service can be delivered from the second a call recipient picks up the phone. With access to complete information describing where a lead is in the sales process and how their previous contacts have gone, officers can ensure no lead ever feels like just another call in the queue – an invaluable difference-maker in the modern sales environment. 


3) Capture Better Lead and Customer Data on Calls

Information is everything in the modern business world, and the mortgage and loan industries are no different. The more information you can collect on your prospects, customers, and even employees, the more you can refine your systems, sales tactics, and service delivery. CRM-based calling software like CRMDialer enables a faster, easier, more intuitive collection of data from phone calls with leads and prospects, in many cases automating the process entirely. Data like call times, answer rates and even call recordings can be automatically tied to the relevant lead accounts, and officers can easily add manual data, like call notes, right from within the dialer screen, thanks to complete integration with CRMDialer’s lead management system. That provides a larger stream of higher-quality data and the many process improvements that come as a result.


4) Automate Follow-Up Call Reminders

Closing a new mortgage or loan is rarely a single-contact process, and getting the deal done normally takes multiple phone calls and meetings. That makes it incredibly important for officers to ensure follow-up calls are delivered on-time and as effectively as possible. The power dialer built into CRMDialer enables users to schedule follow-ups from directly within the call they’re already on, complete with automatic reminders. Those scheduled calls and reminders are automatically integrated with the calendar, meaning they can be easily edited and managed from the CRM’s schedule management platform as well as within the dialer. Automatic call reminders can be configured to go to both the officer and the lead if so desired, making them a convenient and powerful way to keep the application process on track. 


5) Ease the Burden of Inbound Call Handling

CRM-based calling software also offers significant benefits for inbound call handling, as well. Whether those calls are inbound leads or existing clients looking for service or support, ensuring they’re routed to the proper parties right off the bat helps ensure the important caller on the other end isn’t constantly placed on hold or transferred back and forth – two common and infuriating occurrences with inbound calling. CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer includes a complete IVR call routing system to give callers the ability to self-direct their routing. It also includes round-robin call distribution to ensure that any time generic calls come through (like when a caller presses zero), they’re evenly distributed among staff, ensuring no one gets overloaded, and each caller received the best help possible.


6) Eliminate Your Existing Monthly Phone Bill

CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer provides VOIP-based inbound and outbound calling, completely eliminating the need for separate phone lines. That means an entire office’s telephone needs can be met, no matter how large a company may be or how many lines they need, all from within the CRM. As a result, you can say goodbye to your monthly phone bills, representing significant monthly savings, especially for companies previously employing highly complex phone systems with a large number of lines. Simplicity and affordability – two major benefits offered by switching over to CRM-based calling.


7) Generate Better Business Intelligence and Management Insights

In addition to making your officers’ daily workflows and calling significantly easier, switching to CRM-based calling also makes your job as a manager easier by providing you with the deep and useful business intelligence you need to make the best possible short and long-term decisions. CRMDialer’s advanced analytics suite provides complete coverage over calling, enabling you to quickly and easily generate reports on everything from call quantities, to call times, to answer rates, to messages left, follow-ups, over-the-phone close rates, and much, much more. That unparalleled insight into your team’s calling operations enables you to ensure all of your officers are performing to the peak of their potential, and if they aren’t, to develop custom training programs based on their exiting call history, targeting their individual strengths and weaknesses. 


Contact us for more information on how the platform’s industry-leading power dialer can help loan and mortgage officers improve their workflows, boost the efficiency and effectiveness of their calling, and close more deals. Our expert staff would be happy to provide you with a guided demonstration of the software, or start your free trial to begin putting CRMDialer to work today!