Loan Officer

The most successful mortgage loan officers are driven with a go get ’em, customer-first attitude. They prioritize responding to calls and emails and — perhaps most importantly — they’re extremely organized. After all, staying organized is the key to delivering amazing customer experience, maintaining responsive communications and working efficiently.

And you know what helps loan officers stay organized? An awesome customer relationship management (CRM) platform. If you’re looking for the best mortgage sales CRM, consider CRMDialer. This innovative, all-in-one solution is a relative newcomer to the already crowded CRM market. It officially launched in May 2018 and is already proving to be a user favorite. Want to learn more? Consider these reasons to run (don’t walk) to try CRMDialer today.

Keep Track of Leads, Prospects, Clients and More

Mortgage loan officers need an amazing database to stay organized and on top of all the details, they need to manage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This platform offers a fantastic database with unlimited reporting fields, bulk importing, duplicate checking and email validation. The integrated voice recognition feature allows you and other users to take meticulous notes and write long emails in a fraction of the time it takes for manual entry, making it even easier to keep your database on point.

You Can Nurture Stronger Client Relationships

As a loan officer, your clients are everything. They put their trust in you, and you need to create lasting relationships. With CRMDialer, not only can you keep track of leads and client interactions, but records pop up as soon as clients call in. That way, no matter who answers the phone, they have all the details they need to best serve your client right at their fingertips, including a detailed borrowing history and all contact information — all stored in a single contact that’s easy and simple to access. Without that vital information, communications could be bungled, causing confusion to build and client relationships to become strained.

Even better, there’s a built-in helpdesk. That means you can track any issue that comes in with a ticketing system that allows you to monitor the efficiency of your team while delivering top-notch customer service.

Power Dialer CRM With Call Recording & Local Presence

Make and receive calls with CRMDialer’s power dialer. Calls are recorded and local presence is included as well.

Contact More Leads and Clients in Less Time

This platform is more than just a database. It’s a power dialer CRM with a host of communication tools designed to make your business more streamlined and profitable. You and your fellow loan officers can make calls right from your browser with click to call functionality with voicemail drop, call recording and whisper and barge functions that allow supervisors to listen in on calls and whisper hints to agents and loan officers or jump in to help out in tricky situations. And that’s not all, you also get:

  • An inbound and outbound email that syncs to your Outlook and Gmail account
  • Chat — both internal and B2B for enhanced teamwork and collaboration
  • SMS for easy, effective follow-ups and reminders

It Implements Quickly and It’s Easy to Use

Let’s face it — if it’s not efficient and it’s too hard to figure out, loan officers aren’t going to use it. All too often businesses invest in CRMs without considering the end-users. Whether it’s a free CRM or a paid account, mortgage loan officers should be able to hit the ground running as soon as the platform is set up. That’s the beauty of CRMDialer. Its intuitive interface is simple and user-friendly. You can even customize it with your mortgage company’s branding without needing a developer to get the job done.

Transparent pricing, fabulous support and power-packed features that truly allow you to focus less on the menial tasks of your business and more on what you do best are just a few of the features that make CRMDialer shine as one of the best CRMs for mortgage loan officers. Try it for yourself.