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Whether you work in operations or customer support, there are only so many hours in a day you can dedicate to knocking out a workplace to-do list. Polls show that for over half of US workers, that number of hours tallies up to an average of 50 per week. And for one in five full-time employees’ needs, it’s more than 60.

People are putting in the time. But does more time spent necessarily equate to more work done? Not so much.

Studies have shown, time and time again, that productivity is less a matter of quantity as it is quality. In fact, productivity levels drop dramatically across the board for people working 50 hours a week or more.

All of this data would suggest that it’s beneficial for both employee and employer alike to work smarter, not harder. And yet, work overload continues to get in the way for a majority of the American workforce.

As a manager, you fail to maximize the potential of your staff when you do nothing but pile more and more tasks on their plates. You need to provide them with the tools they need to succeed in order for them to do so.

This can prove a process in and of itself as you research, demo, and vet your way through countless products on the market. Instead of finding efficiencies, you further silo departments around their own designated software, paired with their own separate costs to boot.

If only there was a way to centralize, streamline, and simplify without having to spread team efforts thin across multiple services. Well thanks to CRMDialer, all of your company needs are finally solved in one platform.

Boost Sales

Sales teams are only as good as their ability to multi-task. From cold calling to delivering proposals, there’s no shortage of tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis at every stage of the funnel.

CRMDialer makes it easy for reps to minimize busy work and maximize output. From the outreach side of things, Power Dialer provides reps with lightning-fast calling capabilities directly through their browsers.

Managers can use the Round Robin functionality to evenly distribute incoming lead calls across teams. They can also revisit inbound and outbound recordings for training purposes. New and veteran sales reps alike have tangible scenarios to learn from as they further refine their approach over time.

As leads pour in, the organization is key. Equip your team to succeed with automation.

Gmail and Outlook integrations make it easy to sync contacts and communications across multiple inboxes into one centralized platform. Reps can also coordinate around the most effective email templates and keep leads moving down the funnel with automated scheduling and engagement analytics.

Streamline Operations

Your operations team is the backbone of your business. And in order to keep things afloat, they need to maintain some level of visibility across all of your departments.

CRMDialer’s easy-to-use CRM dashboard allows for just that. With unlimited users, leads, and contacts, teams have access to all of the information they could ever need in one single location.

From HelpDesk tickets to customer payments, there’s no need to gather multiple software passwords or create duplicate entries. Everyone is working off the same information as they move in tandem towards one common goal: growing your business.

Simplify Finance

Making a sale is great, but getting paid is even better. CRMDialer allows for easy payment processing acceptance alongside your merchant account.

Your finance team no longer has to waste time tracking down client information or pestering customers. CRMDialer makes it easy to accept credit cards, e-checks, and ACH payments from clients with the help of Authorize.Net. Best of all, there are zero hidden fees associated with setup. With the necessary payment information on file, your accounting department can choose from one-time or automated recurring billing options.

Have a client that operates off a different currency or language? No problem. Multi-currency billing and multi-language receipts simplify communications as operations expand across borders.

Speaking of expansion, multiple reporting options make it easy for teams to monitor the financial health of the business in real-time. Filter payments by person or department, review outstanding invoices and set your team up for long-term profitability to scale.

Empower Support

Your sales team may close deals but it’s the support team that brings them to fruition. And if a customer service team isn’t set up for success, it’s highly unlikely that your customers will be.

One of the biggest pain points for support staff results from not having enough customer information. And the longer it takes them to dig around for data, the more frustrated customers become. It’s a vicious cycle that can leave everyone involved feeling deflated and helpless.

Luckily, CRMDialer’s Helpdesk Ticketing Platform functions alongside your CRM at no additional cost. If you currently use an email account for gathering customer inquiries, integrations with both Outlook and Gmail automatically generate tickets as new messages are received.

In addition to better tracking help tickets as they come in, your support staff can more readily prioritize issues as they arise. PowerDialer automatically places customers into call queues when agents are busy. Teams can then review inbound calls by caller ID, choosing to answer, reject or hold based on need.

Missed call reports automatically keep agents aligned with open tickets and automated notifications. This ensures that no one is left waiting or forgotten altogether, setting the foundation for stronger customer relationships that last.

Final Thoughts: All of Your Company Needs Solved in One Platform

Your company’s success is as much about investing in the right people as it is the right tools. Or in the case of CRMDialer, the right tool.

One platform is all that’s needed to boost, streamline, simplify, and empower your team across multiple departments. Everyone is on the same page, putting to use the functionality and information needed to do their job and do it well.

How can CMRDialer take your company to the next level? Start your free trial to find out.