Visitor Tracking

At TRANSACT 18 – one of the largest industry events of its kind – held from April 17 through April 19 in Las Vegas, CRMDialer announced its newest features: website visitor tracking. Now that we’ve unveiled it, we want to help you get to know this dynamic feature a little better.

But first, consider this – how would you feel if we told you that you’re letting 95 percent of your potential customers slip away? Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Well. We have some bad news – it’s true. Most businesses only convert around 5 percent of their visitors to customers. And that’s where website visitor tracking comes into play. This powerful feature gives businesses a window into the behavior of their website visitors. Tracking lets you see who visits, where they are in the buying process and if they need what you offer. This one feature transforms your website from a leaky faucet to a net that catches opportunities.

After all, when it comes to making sales there are three metrics every thriving business needs to know: customers, leads and (you guessed it) visitors. Knowing more about your website visitors is the cornerstone of every good marketing plan. This is where you can start capturing potential leads. Think of it kind of like a salesperson that works for you all day, every day to tell you the information you need to know about the people visiting your website. It also helps give you a clear picture of whether your marketing strategies are creating the website traffic, an invaluable tool for adapting responsive strategies to increase your website’s traffic and your business’s conversion rate.

We want to help your sales skyrocket. So, we’ve put together a quick guide with everything you need to know about website visitor tracking and using data to connect with your customers. Consider this the ultimate 411 on our feature and how it can transform your team’s performance.


Tips to Help You Leverage Data for Better Sales

We believe that data is king. But even more, having the right data is critical for any business, large or small. To get the most out of your data, consider these three tips:


1. Arm Yourself with the Right Tools

You want quality and efficiency. You need a user-friendly tool that gives you both, along with a host of other features all in one place to support your success. Our CRM is loaded with an integrated website visitor tracking system and built-in features like:

  • Lead management
  • Built-in dialer
  • Dialer metrics
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Speech recognition
  • Visitor Tracking

And those are just a few of the tools you get along with visitor tracking. The right tools will get you the right data. And that is what boosts sales and enhances customer experiences.

Visitor Tracking


2. Use Data to Get a Clear Prospect Picture

This is where website visitor tracking gives sales organizations a real edge. Tracking gives you all the details about what your prospects and customers are doing on your website. In turn, this lets you gauge their interest level, potential concerns and other useful details that sales reps can use in their conversations with those prospects. Ideally, the visitor tracking system you choose will give you real-time information in addition to storing all those details in records for each prospect.

Get Prospects Easy


3. Go Beyond Prospecting

Once you’ve converted your prospects into customers, visitor tracking can give you valuable data about their ongoing interests. It could even give you the inside scoop on why they leave, or what makes them stay. Ultimately, the most successful sales organizations leverage their data to convert more prospects into customers, and to develop deeper relationships with their customers for better retention.

Go Beyond Prospecting


How CRMDialer’s Website Visitor Tracking Shines

Okay, so you might be thinking about all the other website visitor tracking systems out there. After all, Google Analytics has been around for a while, and it’s been helpful for many sales organizations. But we designed our visitor tracking a little differently.

In the past, website visitor tracking has been segmented. Sales reps would have to log into System A to manage their database, and they’d have to log into System B to find their analytics. Neither system is connected. Even worse? By the time they get the information from System B, it’s old news.

As every successful salesperson knows – having rock-solid data makes you smarter and increases your odds of success. That’s why we developed real-time user tracking integrated right into the system. Not only can you get everything done on one powerful platform, but you also get real-time information that’s so valuable, it elevates a sales conversation from a cold call during which sales reps don’t know exactly what points to discuss, to a valuable conversation tailored to each prospect’s interest level.

Finally, our CRM stores information. Sales reps can access prospects’ and customers’ records, which are compounded every time they visit the site. This lets reps see what individuals have been interested in over the course of years. It gives you the person’s entire history all in one system.  


How Our Website Visitor Tracking Works

To understand how you get all that valuable data, you need to understand how visitor tracking systems work. Here are the basics:

1. Email Marketing Campaign Launch

A sales organization sends out emails as part of a marketing campaign. The email includes the name of the prospect and basic information along with a call to action (CTA) directing that prospect to the organization’s website.

Tip: There are three types of marketing emails: promotional (offers and sales), relational (information-based) and transactional (confirmations, receipts or welcome messages).

Bonus Tip: Roughly 70% of businesses lack a CTA. Craft a strong, effective CTA by clearly stating the benefits prospects will gain by acting.

2. Visitor Tracking Notification

With real-time visitor tracking, sales reps get an immediate notification every time a prospect clicks the link to the sales organization’s website. Reps get a pop up with the prospect’s name, contact information and other useful details, including what they click and how long they spend on the page.

3. Sales Reps Make Contact

Armed with the knowledge of what their prospects are doing, sales reps can prioritize their contact sheets based on customer interest levels. Consider this: If your organization has sent out 500,000 emails as part of a campaign, your reps are going to have a hefty call list. But with visitor tracking information, they won’t be floundering to figure out who to call or what to say – they’ll already know who clicked what, how long they stayed on the pages and how many times they’ve visited the site.


6 Benefits of Website Visitor Tracking

Ask any thriving independent sales organization how they do it, and you’re likely to hear about the importance of a visitor tracking system. And if you ask us, it’s game-changer for busy ISOs cranking out email marketing campaigns. Still unsure of how real-time user tracking can help you?

  • Better Lead Generation: See why prospects are visiting and what they’re doing for more effective targeting.
  • Better Lead Quality: Knowing who your customers are and what they want lets sales reps effectively target prospects and optimize the sales process.
  • Better Organization: Our tracking system lets reps add tasks and notes, send SMS and call visitors right from the popup notification.
  • See Prospects’ Site Activity: Our system stores all the activity for each visitor. This lets sales reps better understand potential pain points and interests to best serve those prospects and customers.
  • Know Who to Call Next: Sales reps must continually answer the question – who should I call next? Visitor tracking solves the dilemma, making the choice clear based on the order in which those visitors expressed interest.
  • Personalize Customer Contact: Armed with all the information our tracking system gives you, sales reps can more effectively target their prospects with a personalized touch that could move more prospects through the funnel and ultimately boost sales.  

Do you see the value that real-time visitor tracking could offer your organization? For more information on how CRMDialer can reduce your administrative workload and supercharge your customer service efforts, schedule a free demonstration or start your free trial today!