CRM Software for Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers face a unique challenge – they work in the best interests of the client, but clients and prospects often have a built-in mistrust of the insurance industry as a whole, meaning building a strong relationship isn’t always easy. That makes it more important than ever for brokerages to gain a competitive advantage by employing every tool available to help improve their client management and relationship building processes.  CRMDialer, one of the best CRM systems for insurance brokers, offers the advanced client management, sales, productivity, and administrative tools brokers need to gain that competitive advantage and offer clients and prospects an unmatched level of personal service.


A Full Client and Lead Management Suite

The backbone of CRMDialer is the advanced lead management tools that enable brokers to better manage prospects and existing clients. This system makes it possible to keep close track of each and every lead and customer, no matter where they are in the sales process, to ensure brokers always have full situational awareness and no potential policyholder ever slips through the cracks. 

Fresh leads can be automatically collected over the web or via email links, enabling brokers to reach out to those fresh leads as quickly as possible, significantly boosting conversion rates. Lead accounts can also be manually generated with as little as a few clicks from within any part of the CRM, or right over the phone. Once an account has created, CRMDialer makes it easier than ever to link all important documents, communications, and notes right to the relevant account, making the management of customers and new leads a breeze. 


Sales and Productivity Tools to Help Close More Policies

A broker’s job is to ensure each client gets the right policy to cover their needs at the most affordable price possible. That might sound like too good a deal to refuse, but prospects still need convincing, and an effective sales process is key to brokerage success. CRMDialer is designed specifically to enhance and streamline the sales process, helping with everything from outbound marketing to sales call management to final sign off on documentation. 

The platform comes with a full email marketing suite enabling pre-built, pre-scheduled warming emails to go out to leads, and the ability to quickly reference each and every lead interaction makes it easier than ever to keep leads hot, ensuring they feel personally important and can be moved through the sales process as efficiently as possible. Once a policy is ready to be inked, CRMDialer offers the ability to send and receive signed paperwork completely digitally through built-in e-signature functionality, facilitating a faster, easier close. 


Tools to Help Streamline All Aspects of a Brokerage

CRMDialer also includes a wide variety of tools designed to minimize the administrative workload of a brokerage, eliminating busywork through automation wherever possible. The platform brings all communication and scheduling into a single point of control through full integration of Gmail, Outlook, or privately hosted email, and it even offers an SMS suite to enable inbound and outbound text messaging. The built-in power dialer completely replaces legacy phone systems, eliminating monthly phone bills and supercharging sales call effectiveness. Just a few of the platform’s many other features include fully integrated billing and electronic payments, a customer support portal, internal chat, advanced analytics, and reporting dashboard, and much more. 

For more information on how CRMDialer can help your brokerage improve your customer management, streamline your inbound sales process, and close more policies, schedule a guided demonstration or start a free trial of the full platform.