The Top 5 Benefits of CRMDialer’s Advanced Built-In Power Dialer

Customer resource management platforms are now considered mission-critical software across almost all industries, and while there is a sea of options on the market that can provide valuable sales tools, few, if any, also integrate a full-featured power dialer – except CRMDialer. By including a built-in cloud-based phone system, CRMDialer creates the ultimate in sales and productivity tools, and the following are just five of the many benefits your business can unlock by putting it to work today.


1) Eliminate Your Monthly Phone Bill

CRMDialer’s power dialer is a fully self-contained, cloud-based phone system that offers your business everything you need to run your daily telephone operations. All your team members need to get started is a headset and an internet connection. The dialer frees you entirely from your monthly phone bill and the need for the expensive hardware that most enterprise phone systems require. The result is that CRMDialer not only improves your phone operations, it saves you significant money and minimizes your technical requirements at the same time.  


2) Streamline Your Inbound Call Handling

The built-in power dialer included with CRMDialer includes a complete IVR system designed to ensure that your inbound calls make it to the right members of your team every time, with minimal need for transfer and significantly reduced hold times – the keys to happy callers. With CRMDialer, you can easily configure your inbound calling tree right from within the dialer admin panel, with an unlimited number of individual and group extension options. You can also use the round-robin feature to ensure calls that go to group or general extensions are spread evenly across your agents, ensuring efficient handling and minimized workloads. 


3) Supercharge Your Agents’ Daily Calling

Efficiency and volume are of utmost importance in telephone-based sales environments, and CRMDialer’s power dialer is built specifically to improve both. First and foremost, CRMDialer eliminates the repetitive and time-consuming task of manual dialing. Your agents can quickly build out call queues and let the software handle the dialing for them, with each new call launching right after the previous one ends. Other productivity tools include one-click voicemail drop, eliminating the need to wait for the beep before moving on to the next call, and one-click call outcomes that make it fast and easy for your agents to note things like whether they got through, who they spoke to, and more. 


4) Reach More Out-of-Area Prospects with a Power Dialer

If your business operates on a multi-state or national scale, you’re probably intimately familiar with how an out-of-area phone number can slash answer rates. CRMDialer solves that problem with Local Presence, a feature that allows you to choose your outgoing phone number to match the area code of your target phone prospects. You can upload your existing numbers or access new ones right from within the CRM, and all the numbers are real, properly assigned, and fully-owned. The result is answer rates up to 65% higher than you’d see using your primary number alone. 


5) Improve Your Training and Quality Control

CRMDialer’s power dialer provides complete metrics as well as the ability to record calls. It also allows managers to listen-in on active calls, “whisper” so that only the agent can hear their commentary, or “barge-in” when they need to take over and speak to a customer directly. The result of those monitoring and analytic capabilities is that your management team can conduct better quality control, ensuring that your calling team is sticking to the script, improving their techniques, and meeting all regulatory requirements. It also means that when an agent does need help, training can be laser-targeted to their unique needs. That kind of training insight can’t be overvalued in a fast-paced sales environment. 

For more information on CRMDialer’s full-featured, industry-leading power dialer and how it can revolutionize your calling operations, schedule a free demonstration of the platform today!