Call Automation Software

Call automation software helps sales agents do more by letting their computers handle all the most repetitive tasks involved in telemarketing. Power dialers – the most popular and widely-used call automation software – turn sales calling operations into a well-oiled machine, eliminating wasted time between calls. Equally importantly, they minimize and/or eliminate the potential for the repetitive strain and burnout that cause sales agents to perform below their potential. In addition to their automation and productivity features, many leading dialers, like the one included with CRMDialer, also offer tools designed to improve the sales process itself by intertwining dialer features with customer resource management features like advanced lead management, reporting, training development, and more. Ultimately, the greatest strength of a power dialer is its ability to help agents reach more prospects – one of the primary goals of all sales organizations. 


More Calls = More Sales

Telephone-based sales organizations often combine prospecting and sales by giving agents fresh, minimally qualified leads and having them perform the qualification and categorization process at the same time they’re trying to close the deal. First-contact close rates are rarely high, but volume makes up for that, and that makes contacting as many prospects as possible a key part of agent and organizational success. There is no better tool for ensuring maximum call quantity while also maintaining (or improving) call quality than a power dialer. 

Power dialers enable agents to launch calls with a single click, move through pre-built daily calling lists automatically with no manual input, segment call sheets by lead type, area code, and a variety of other filters, and much more. Focused, automated call management cuts out all the time involved in manual dialing and ensures each call is launched immediately after the last, in a logical order that best suits the agent’s goals. Rather than spending time deciding which prospects to call next, reading numbers, or pressing buttons, agents can devote 100% of their time to the sales process, resulting in more leads contacted per shift and, in turn, more sales. 


Dialer-CRM Integration Speeds Up the Close

Calling automation software on its own is a powerful tool, but when you integrate a dialer with a customer resource management system, you unlock a level of functionality that no stand-alone call automation system can match. Whether your agents are recording prospect information during a call, accessing existing customer data in real-time, looking up product or marketing materials, or even just using their scripts, seamless integration of your dialer and CRM provide agents with access to all the information they need to deliver the smoothest, most personal-feeling sales process possible, all within a matter of a few clicks. 

CRMDialer comes with an industry-leading power dialer built-in right out of the box, eliminating the need for a second system (and a second monthly bill) and ensuring that every feature of the system can be easily accessed by agents at any time during a call. The ability to access the entirety of your company’s stored customer data while on calls reduces the need for exploratory questions, better prepares your agents to meet customer needs, makes responding to objections easier, and makes the entire sales process faster and more effective, in general. 


Local Presence Boosts Out-of-Area Success

One of the biggest problems telephone sales agents run into is prospects that won’t pick up, and nothing undermines strong answer rates like an unfamiliar phone number showing up on a lead’s call display. Unfortunately, out-of-area and out-of-state numbers set off alarm bells in most people’s heads, making inter-city and inter-state sales calling a low-success endeavor – unless you’re using local presence

Local presence enables your agents to choose their outgoing phone number from a list of real, fully-owned numbers pre-loaded into your dialer. New numbers can be selected in seconds, and whichever number is active will show up on the call displays of all recipients. With local presence, agents can segment their daily calling lists by region, select the relevant number, and finish an out-of-area group before selecting a new number and moving on to the next prospect location. It’s a fast, easy, and effective solution that can boost contact rates by up to 65% – an enormous improvement in a volume game like sales calling


Leading dialing platforms like CRMDialer can reshape the way organizations approach telephone sales by enabling a higher volume of higher quality calls, improving the sales process through the integration of advanced CRM features, and vastly improving out-of-area answer rates. CRMDialer goes a lot further as well, enabling management to access detailed reporting on all calling operations, to build laser-targeted sales training programs catering to each individual agent’s needs, and much more. 

To find out more about how CRMDialer’s industry-leading power dialer can help your sales organization reach more prospects, deliver a better sales process, and refine every aspect of your calling operations, reach out to a member of the team or get started with your 14-day free trial today!