CRM Marketing

CRM, known as a customer relationship management system, is a type of software businesses use to manage their relationships with customers. These days, user experience has taken on a whole new meaning in the customer service department, which directly impacts the way we market and sell to consumers (B2C) and to other businesses (B2B). Consumers, whether direct to consumer or business to business, people want and expect a good and customized experience with their vendors. To be able to provide a user-friendly, customizable experience, businesses rely on CRMs to track buyer habits, push user-specific content, and provide touchpoints for the conversion of a sale.

For Example

One easy example of a CRM feature is tracking the birthdays of your customers. While it would be a nightmare to remember every individual birthday of all your customers, a CRM tool can help you not only remember customer birthdays but push out and send content to your customers on their special day. You can also customize a special deal for your customer’s birthday, such as a free item or discount, with the ultimate goal of converting them to a sale. Now you can analyze data on if birthday promotions work for your company. If yes, you can try a similar marketing campaign to attract new and repeat buyers.

Inbound Marketing

All-in-one CRMs help companies with inbound sales marketing, which is providing customizable content that speaks to individual customers, rather than outbound marketing methods that traditionally try to appeal to masses. By gaining access to data on individual buying habits, web traffic patterns, and relevant downloads, you can truly then begin to create amazing user experiences that edge your competition.

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