Startup CRM

Do you think that customer relationship management (CRM) tools are just for midsized and large companies? Think again. While CRMs are crucial for larger businesses, they may play an even more important role for startups — even before they make the leap to go live. From helping you grow sales to giving you an edge in delivering superior customer service, CRMs have potential benefits ranging from riding the ebbs and flows that come with major growth to scaling efficient operations along the way.

Want to learn more? (You know you do…) Check out these five reasons startups should snag a power-packed CRM ASAP.

1. Access All Your Important Info in One CRM System

Startups typically are made up of small teams of people who wear many different hats within the company. Streamlining processes is essential. Having the best CRM that offers a single platform to access valuable information about clients and prospects can make all the difference. Look for a CRM that packs a lot of tools into the feature lineup. That way, you can do more in one spot, like making calls with a single browser click before seamlessly switching to email, reporting, website visitor tracking, lead management, SMS or chat (internal and B2B). Sounds pretty great, don’t you think?

2. Create an Amazing Customer-Oriented Culture

CRMs are all about managing customer relationships. But the best ones help you create a culture that centers around your clients and customers from the get-go. And that is one of the best ways for a startup to stand out in the crowd. CRMs have the tools you need to deal with customer issues (hello, helpdesk!) and increase your startup’s engagement with your customers and prospects. CRMDialer understands how important this is. That’s why they made it easy to deliver next-level service and communication with a power dialer that also offers multi-channel tools like emails, helpdesk tickets, and SMS.

3. Personalize Your Conversations

Making prospects and customers happy is an important step to building your startup’s reputation, enhancing the customer’s experience and ultimately growing your business. The right CRM gives you invaluable information at your fingertips so you can connect with your customers, understand their interests and address their pain-points. This is where powerful, game-changing tools like real-time visitor tracking come into play. And when that’s built right into your CRM, you can transform your conversations into meaningful connections.

4. Get your Startup Organized

Startups typically have a lot going on all at once, with tons of data flowing in and out. Without CRM, startups risk confusion and missing key bits of information. With a CRM, data gets organized, calls are prioritized and following up flows with the rest of the action.

5. Scalability

You already know that startups are all about scalability and agility, right? But did you know that the right CRM can give you the agility you need too? Back in the day, CRMs were expensive solutions that only the big companies could even afford. Today, there are many solutions on the market that cater to startups, midsize companies and enterprises alike with cloud-based technology that lets everyone access cutting edge technology and scale up to an unlimited users CRM as the business takes off.

Looking for the perfect CRM for your startup? Check out the full-featured platform that gives you everything from a call center cloud with IVR, voicemail drop and local presence dialing to real-time visitor tracking, a built-in helpdesk, chat and more.