CRM Website Visitor Tracking

Imagine how your sales process would benefit if you knew what your prospects were looking for before your sales team ever reached out for the first contact? How would that change initial preparation? How would it change the beginning of the sales process? How would it speed things up? While that kind of pre-sales insight would’ve once been considered impossible (or witchcraft), in today’s digital world, it’s not only possible, it’s easy to gain thanks to customer resource management web visitor tracking, a feature included in CRMDialer. 


Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore CRM Visitor Tracking

CRM web visitor tracking gives you the ability to unobtrusively monitor how your leads interact with your website and enables you to keep track of each of your links they click and each of your pages they visit. 

Web analytics are nothing new, and businesses have been tracking things as pageviews and link clicks forever, but what they couldn’t do was assign those actions to any given lead. Traditional metrics are anonymous, and all visitors are simply lumped into the aggregate. But with CRMDialer’s visitor tracking, the veil is lifted, and each visit and click can be assigned accurately to an individual lead. That opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities for the data generated by website engagement. 

By identifying exactly which links and pages a given lead is interacting with, your sales team can identify early on exactly which of your products or services a lead is most interested in – even before any one-on-one contact has been made. That means that your team can reach out to a new lead and either shorten or completely eliminate the needs exploration phase of the sales process. Not only does that help close deals faster, it also reflects extremely well on the professionalism of your sales team. 


How CRMDialer’s Visitor Tracking Works

CRMDialer’s lead tracking applies to any business in any industry, but for the purposes of demonstration, let’s imagine a hypothetical car dealership using CRMDialer for their lead management and sales. The car dealership has a list of completely fresh, uncontacted, unqualified leads. Through CRMDialer, they send out a promotional email to that list of new, fresh leads containing a link to a landing page. As long as the dealership has tracking enabled, CRMDialer will automatically convert that link into a unique tracking URL for each recipient. 

As soon as a lead on the list clicks the link – we’ll call them Lead X – they’ll be taken to the dealership website, where a tracking cookie will ensure that each additional link they click on, and each page they visit, will be automatically logged within the CRM. That data is also displayed in the CRM in real-time so that the sales team can see which leads are engaging with the website as it’s happening. 

Now, when it comes time for a sales agent to reach out to Lead X to follow up and offer some information on an upcoming sale, the agent can simply navigate to Lead X’s profile in the CRM, and see exactly which pages Lead X has been viewing. When the agent sees that Lead X has consistently been visiting pages for compact sedans, they can quickly determine that trying to sell Lead X a high-performance sports car probably won’t fly, and they can grab some sales literature for the compact sedans on the lot in preparation for the call. 

When Lead X receives the call, the agent informs them of the sale and highlights the compact sedans that they already know Lead X has been viewing. When Lead X has additional questions, the agent has the answers already at their fingertips because they were prepared ahead of time. 

How much time did that agent just save by not having to draw that information out of the lead cold? How much professionalism did they demonstrate by offering quick, accurate, authoritative answers to the lead’s initial questions?

That’s the kind of advantage that CRMDialer’s visitor tracking offers, and it applies in all sales environments, from our hypothetical B2C car dealership to the largest, most complex B2B fields, like medical equipment sales. 


Unlimited Tracking and Uncomplicated Setup

CRMDialer offers web tracking across unlimited domains, so no matter how many different sites your company may be operating, you’ll always be able to track web activity through your CRM. That’s especially useful if your company creates new, short-term websites for promotions or new product launches. 

Setting up web tracking is incredibly easy, and requires nothing more than a small code snippet to be installed in the header of the target website – just like Google Analytics and all other common tracking platforms. Once that’s been done, and the site has been added to the CRM’s tracking management area, the data will begin automatically flowing. It’s a simple, yet highly effective feature, and just one example of the many ways CRMDialer can enhance, elevate, and streamline your sales process. 

For more information on CRMDialer’s web tracking feature, or on how the platform can help your organization enable and empower your sales team, start your free trial today!