CRMDialer - A Single All-In-One Platform to Solve All Your Company’s Needs

Customer resource management is all about enabling better sales and customer service through the centralization of customer information and task handling. A good CRM platform makes the job of every member of a sales organization easier by bringing all of their tasks into a single point of control, and by automating or eliminating much of the time-consuming busywork that saps productivity and diverts time from revenue-generating activities. CRMDialer is a customer resource management platform that combines the productivity-boosting benefits of a CRM with an industry-leading power dialer, creating an all in one CRM tool that can be used by all levels of your organization, from sales to marketing, to customer service, to management. 


Customer and Lead Management

CRMDialer offers unlimited customer and lead profiles, and makes all profile data easily searchable, putting full customer data at your agents’ fingertips. New lead accounts are easy to add manually or can be automatically created from web visitor or email marketing interactions. Once a lead account has been created, the details of every single interaction are automatically saved, from phone calls to emails to meetings, and beyond. 

The beauty of CRMDialer’s powerful customer and lead management features is that they provide complete situational awareness to sales agents, ensuring that agents can close deals more efficiently and no lead ever slips through the cracks. Even in cases where an account has to be passed between agents, every lead and customer can be provided with an elevated level of personal service that makes the difference in today’s highly competitive sales environment. 


Communications and Marketing

Nothing helps strong sales like exceptional communication, and successful sales reps often have to make multiple – sometimes even dozens – of contacts with prospects and existing clients before closing a deal. Between making phone calls, sending emails, and scheduling in-person meetings, sales agents spend an enormous amount of time jumping from one platform to another – time that could be better spent actually making sales. 

CRMDialer solves that productivity issue by bringing all communications – both sales and marketing alike – into a single platform. CRMDialer offers Gmail and Outlook integration, including calendar management, so that your team can handle all of their email and scheduling from within the software. It also offers an industry-leading power dialer, enabling agents to work more quickly and more effectively through their call sheets. The platform also features email marketing, SMS messaging, integrated chat, and a built-in helpdesk. 


Billing and Payment Processing

Business is all about getting paid, and the value of efficient billing and payment processing can’t be overstated. Speedy billing and easy collection ensure accounts get settled as quickly as possible, keeping receivables to a minimum and cash flow – the lifeblood of a business – to a maximum. It’s also important to offer customers easy access to electronic payment solutions that they’ve come to expect in today’s wired world. Failing to do so can result in unhappy clients and potentially even lost sales. 

CRMDialer offers a complete billing and electronic payment suite enabling your team to send single invoices, set up automatic recurring billing, and even send and receive signed contract documents using built-in e-signature technology. On the payments side, CRMDialer enables your team to accept credit card payments via Authorize.Net and e-check payments via the ACH network, both online and over the phone, all from within the platform. 


Schedule a demo today if you’re ready to find out more about CRMDialer We’d love to chat with you about how CRMDialer’s unmatched set of features can tackle all of your company’s needs from within a single all-in-one software platform, streamlining your team’s operations and boosting sales conversions.