Collect Customer Payments Quickly

Customer resource management platforms are designed specifically to bring your organization’s multiple sales, support, and administration functions into a single point of control. Billing is an area many CRM tools can help with, but with CRMDialer, you can also handle payment processing right from within a lead’s profile. That means single and recurring payments can be handled remotely, securely, and with proper authorization, even for customers who aren’t comfortable entering their payment details into a website. CRM payment processing not only makes payments easier to collect and more convenient for your customers, but it also enables you to collect payment up to 3x faster, ensuring minimized receivables and healthy cash flow. 


CRM Payment Options

CRMDialer enables you to offer your customers the convenience they expect and the flexibility they need by integrating both Authorize.Net and the Paya Network into the payments suite. With Authorize.Net, you can securely accept payments from all major credit cards. With Paya, your customers can make e-check and automated clearing house (ACH) payments. In both cases, you can quickly and easily set up your own merchant account with CRMDialer, and the platform charges no additional fees on transactions you process through the CRM. 


How to Process a Payment in Your CRM

Once you have Authorize.Net and Paya gateways set up in CRMDialer, accepting payments is as easy as enabling the payments tab on any leads you’ll be processing payments from. That tab will then appear at the top of the lead profile, enabling payments to be processed in as little as a few clicks. 

After clicking on the payments tab, all you need to do to get paid is select the type of payment you’d like to accept (credit card or ACH/e-check), choose from your installed payment gateways, and then fill out the relevant fields with the payment information the customer has supplied. The ease of entering payment details right from the lead profile makes CRMDialer a particularly ideal tool for taking payments over the phone. 

Easier still, for customers making multiple repeat purchases, a payment profile can be set up that stores the relevant customer payment information. That profile can then be used to populate the payment fields automatically upon selection, and also gives customers the ability to authorize payments to be made on a recurring basis without the need for a discrete contact for each transaction. With CRMDialer, accepting recurring payments is simpler and easier for your team, and more convenient for your clients. 



Keeping your customers’ sensitive payment information and personal data secure is obviously of the utmost importance, and CRMDialer is built with those goals at the top of mind. The platform is PCI Level 1 compliant, ensuring all payment processing infrastructure, and the platform as a whole meets the absolute highest security standards as outline by the major card companies.

CRMDialer is also built on Amazon’s most secure AWS solution, and the company engages regular security reviews and penetration testing to ensure the platform is always ready to handle even the newest and most novel threats. That means any documents or payment information you store in your CRM will always benefit from CRMDialer’s airtight security. 


Additional Features

CRMDialer’s billing and payment suite offer a variety of features beyond the platform’s Authorize.Net and Paya Network integrations. The invoicing templates make it easier than ever to quickly generate and send custom invoices. That’s crucial to financial health as prompt invoicing is one of the keys to faster payment. You can also set up recurring invoices that will bill customers in any interval you choose – a perfect feature to pair with CRMDialer’s saved payment profiles. 

The platform also enables you to send out payments through the ACH network, ensuring you can quickly pay your own vendors to maintain a good relationship and ensure inventory, supplies, and services are always promptly delivered when you need them.

Finally, the payments reporting dashboard enables you to view full details on all of your previous inbound and outbound payments. The information available in payment reports includes payment method, payment profile, amount, assigned payment type, transaction ID, status, date and time of payment, and more. 

With CRMDialer, your business can take full advantage of the many sales and productivity benefits that customer resource management offers while simultaneously streamlining your billing and payments. That synthesis of functions represents exactly what CRM as a practice is all about – bringing all of your processes into one place and making your operations simpler, easier, and more effective. 

For more information on CRMDialer’s payment functions, or how the platform can help your business make the payment process easier and more convenient, schedule a free demonstration today.