Best Power Dialer

While the radio, print, and even TV advertising have all felt the sting of the transition to web-dominance in the modern digital age, telemarketing has survived essentially unscathed because it works. But modern technology is not the enemy of the telemarketer, because digital tools now make telemarketing more effective than ever. CRMDialer is just such a tool – combining a leading customer relationship management platform with a fully decked-out power dialer to create the ultimate in telephone sales and productivity tools. CRMDialer can improve your team’s calling in myriad ways, not the least of which is making your calling more efficient, improving your agents’ relationship-building abilities, and augmenting your in-house sales training. 


Improve Calling Efficiency and Win the Numbers Game

Telephone sales are, largely, a numbers game. That isn’t to say that strong sales skills aren’t an extremely important factor in success, but the reality is that the more calls an agent can fit into their shift each day, the better the results will be. From qualifying leads to close deals, efficiency is the name of the game in telemarketing, and CRMDialer’s power dialer is designed specifically to supercharge it. 

The no-click auto-dialing feature allows agents to convert their calling lists into queues that CRMDialer will automatically work through, beginning one call the second the previous call ends. Calls can also be launched with a single click from within prospect accounts, ensuring that agents never waste time manually dialing numbers again. Voicemail drop enables agents to shed another time-consuming process – waiting for the beep to manually leave a message. Instead, a prerecorded message can be left immediately with a single click while the agent moves on to the next call. The result is that agents making their calls through CRMDialer can reach out to more prospects each day, close more deals, and generate more revenue.  


Seamlessly Marry Calling and Customer Relationship Management

Not all sales can be made in a single call, and in many industries, it’s essentially impossible to close a deal without multiple contacts. That means speed isn’t the only thing that matters, and agents need to take the task of building long-term relationships with prospects seriously. CRMDialer’s power dialer augments agents’ ability to do that by seamlessly integrating their calling with customer resource management practices, ensuring no good lead ever slips through the cracks, and every lead and customer interaction is as positive as possible. 

CRMDialer’s power dialer is tied directly into the platform’s advanced lead management tools, meaning that not only can calls be launched from lead accounts, but the events of calls and even recordings can also be easily logged to the relevant lead. That ensures that no agent ever goes into a call without knowing exactly what transpired on previous calls and exactly what stage of the buying process a lead is at. The result is an elevated level of service, a more targeted and efficient sales process, and more leads becoming happy paying customers. 

Build Highly Effective Sales Training Programs Tailored to Agents’ Needs

Great salespeople take years to perfect their skills, and ongoing training is a hallmark of the most successful sales agents and companies. While generic sales programs are certainly beneficial, they can’t hold a candle to sales training programs tailored specifically to the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of individual agents. That kind of personalized training ensures that agents can be trained to reach their maximum potential with minimal costs, a huge win for everyone involved. 

Our sales power dialer CRM enables better, more personalized sales training by making it possible for managers to easily record and review their agents’ calls, or even to listen in on them in real-time when appropriate. That means salespeople can be trained using their own work – both good and bad – as the foundation. It also ensures that managers always have a complete awareness of how each member of their sales team is performing on the phones – an important consideration in an industry governed by such strict regulations. 

For more information on CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or on any of the platform’s built-in sales and productivity features. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial today!