Stock Brokers

Deloitte’s 2018 Investment Management Outlook report proclaimed that “vision and focus can drive success.” Stockbrokers, investment management firms and asset management companies all feel the same pressure to find new clients, nurture existing relationships and knock it out of the park. Every. Single. Day.

Here’s a secret that the most successful folks in the business already know — delivering big on customer experiences and having a future-focused vision are two must-haves if you want to gain a serious advantage. You already know how important technology is to your job. You wouldn’t go a day without consulting your risk analysis software or financial planning program, right? So, why wouldn’t you also use technology to help nurture those important client relationships? And why wouldn’t you want to leverage that same technology to consolidate volumes of information all in one place?

That is what makes CRMDialer a secret weapon for successful stockbrokers and investment management companies. This platform isn’t just customer relationship management (CRM) software. It’s much, much more. It’s an all-in-one solution with three HUGE benefits.

1. You Can Build Stronger Relationships

Your clients need to trust you, feel valued by you and develop a close relationship that’s more personal than it is with other service professions. The right CRM lets you personalize your interactions on a different level. The better you can relate to your clients, the more you stand out in what’s already crowded industry. CRMDialer lets you keep detailed information on file, better target your marketing campaigns to fulfill client needs and stay on top of important dates, appointments, and to-dos.

2. You Can Get More Accomplished in Less Time

We heard once that the average advisor handles more than 150 clients. That’s a lot of files, notes, meetings and important dates to remember. Having CRMDialer on your side streamlines everything so you can manage multiple tasks, stay on top of all your communications and remain more engaged with your clients seamlessly. It’s a broker investment management CRM with communication tools and more so you can be at your most productive. Best of all? Unlike the old days when you’d have to log out of one system to log into another, this platform is power-packed with tons of features that integrate easily and are user-friendly from the get-go.

3. You Can Take Control of the Future

You already know that a good portion of your business is all about looking toward the future. With a solid CRM like this one on your side, you get valuable metrics, lead generation and an unbelievable database. These tools give you a glimpse into the future and better control of how you steer your efforts. You also get invaluable information about the lifecycle of your clients as they move from lead to contact to the client.

We think that those are three powerful reasons to adopt a CRM. We also understand that there are lots of CRMs out there to choose from. But there’s nothing out there that does everything that this platform does. So, how does CRMDialer deliver those three benefits (which are just the tip of the iceberg, by the way)? Check out these amazing, game-changing features.

Power Dialer

Communication Tools

Staying in touch with existing clients and reaching out to new prospects is a big part of what you do. That’s why this platform includes integrated communication tools that let you do it all in one place. Three major tools include:

  • Power Dialer: The integrated phone style lets you make calls right from your browser. It also includes click-to-call, call queues and screen popups so you can spend less time dialing and more time connecting with prospects and clients.
  • Email: You don’t need to log into a separate system. In addition to inbound and outbound email, you can sync your Outlook and Gmail accounts so you have access to everything right where you need it. Email validation makes sure your emails don’t bounce. You can also create templates to make your outreach easy and effective along with handy email scheduling that lets you set a time and date for your email to go out based on the best time for your clients and prospects.
  • SMS: With an open rate of around 98%, texting is one of the most effective ways to reach out to prospects or existing clients with everything from appointment reminders to account terms. With the integrated SMS, you can send texts right from the platform and enjoy an average response rate of 80% to boost your business.

Visitor Tracking

Website Visitor Tracking

When it first debuted, website visitor tracking was groundbreaking — but a little clunky. You’d have to log out of one system to log into the tracker, and by the time you got the information, hours (or longer) may have passed. Not so with the real-time visitor tracking built right into CRMDialer. When a prospect or client clicks a link to your website, you get an instant pop-up with all the pertinent details you need. The beauty of website visitor tracking is multi-faceted. It lets you understand your clients better. It also gives you valuable insight into the mindset of your prospects. That insight transforms the contact you make with them into meaningful conversations.

Integrated Chat

You might do most of your work on your own, but it still helps to have an awesome team behind you. With CRMDialer’s chat feature, you can shoot a quick message off to a colleague and get answers to questions in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. Plus, you can share and search for specific files, images and other information about stocks, funds, and investments, making your research simpler and more streamlined than ever before. If that’s not enough, CRMDialer offers an external B2B chat feature (Tech Hub) in addition to the internal chat so you can create a central area where you and your clients can communicate.

Built-in Helpdesk

The financial services industry is competitive. One way you can set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd is by delivering next-level service to your clients. A great tool designed to help you accomplish just that is CRMDialer’s integrated helpdesk. It lets you track tickets from the moment they come in until they’re resolved. Staying on top of issues and prioritizing fast service leaves a lasting impression on those you’re helping.  

Lead Management

You deal with a high volume of existing clients, prospects in the pipeline and leads that are coming in every day. You need a great database to keep it all straight, and CRMDialer delivers just that. You get unlimited lead reporting. When you import leads, the bulk email validation and duplicate checker kick into high gear. You also have seamless note-taking right in lead pages, which you can do while you’re on the phone with a prospect or during your downtime. Choose between typing the information in or using high-quality voice recognition to get things done even faster.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg. You get so many great features — electronic signature, IVR, voicemail drops and an integrated calendar to help you stay on top of your busy schedule, just to name a few.

You know a good thing when you see it. Why wait? Sign up today and start experiencing the power of the tools CRMDialer offers and the simplicity it brings. Fewer systems to log in and out of making your job easier so you can focus on what you do best.