Debt Collection Software

Debt collection is all about working with people, but forward-thinking collectors have long used software to help enhance those interpersonal interactions. That’s especially important considering the people debt collectors generally work with, are people who don’t particularly want to pay, so anything that can grease the process is of great value. But the traditional software debt collectors have used is both outdated and limited, resulting in more and more debt collection agencies turning to customer resource management platforms to help them boost productivity, minimize busywork, and close more accounts. CRMDialer, the leading CRM platform in the debt collection space, offers a wide set of features ideal for collectors, including advanced lead management, customer service tools, integrated electronic payment processing, and much more. 


Keep Better Track of Your Accounts

The key to settling debts is keeping on top of debtors and ensuring that none of your accounts slip through the cracks. Customer resource management software like CRMDialer makes that easier than ever through advanced lead management. With CRMDialer, each of your debtors is assigned an account in the lead management system which automatically tracks each and every interaction as your move that debtor towards payment. The result is perfect situational awareness over each debtor’s status. You can even automate follow-up reminders and calls to put your entire roster on a follow-up schedule that the system essentially manages for you. 


Offer Personalized Service to Debtors to Break Down Walls

Unfortunately, debt collectors have an unfair image problem, and it isn’t uncommon for debtors to freeze up, becoming uncooperative, or even hostile once they realize that their account has been sent to collections. As a collector, your ability to break down those walls and establish a positive relationship with the debtor are key to closing the account and securing payment as quickly as possible. Arguably the best way to do that is to provide elevated personal service that makes the debtor feel understood rather than attacked. Because CRMDialer tracks every single interaction and logs them to the relevant accounts, it’s easy for you to quickly review the contents of prior interactions when reaching out to a debtor. That not only enables you to provide seamless service, it also enables you to show the debtor that they’re important and not just another call on your list. That helps establish trust – a key ingredient in successful collections. 


Give Debtors the Most Convenient Payment Options Possible

Once you’ve convinced a debtor to settle their account, any time in between closing and payment is time wasted and in which the debtor might change their mind. That makes it essential that you make payment immediately, and one of the best ways to do that is to make it as convenient as possible for the debtor. CRMDialer’s built-in billing and payments suite integrates seamlessly with Authorize.Net and the Paya network, enabling you to take payment both online and right over the phone via credit card or ACH/e-check. That means once you’ve negotiated a payment with a debtor, you can offer them a quick and easy payment option right then and there, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes you to close out the account. 


In addition to streamlining account management, customer service, and payments, CRMDialer also improves productivity in a number of other areas, including email and telephone communications, marketing, analytics, and business intelligence, and more. To find out more about the wide set of features included in CRMDialer and how they can help your collection agency, sign up for your free trial today.