Credit Card Payments

With so many options out there, it can be challenging to find the CRM that’s best for your business. The marketplace is crowded with a variety of platforms clamoring to be the best but few delivering the in-demand features and tools that businesses like yours need. Add the need for credit card payments processing into the mix, and it gets even trickier.

Or at least it used to.

CRMDialer has been changing the CRM landscape and making it easy to find the all-in-one solution you need. Designed to suit a variety of business types and sizes, this innovative platform brings CRM credit card processing to a new level. No setup fees. No hidden fees. No kidding.


We Hate Extra Fees


Everything seems to come at a price nowadays, doesn’t it? If you’ve been dabbling in credit card processing, then you surely understand the costs attached to the convenience of collecting credit card payments. Some companies charge a substantial monthly or annual fee while others charge a flat fee plus transaction fees. Others even charge setup or licensing fees. All for the privilege of collecting payments using credit cards.


We’re all about giving our customers the most value and the best features and tools bundled into one CRM platform. That’s why we added payment processing to our sales power dialer CRM. And even better? There aren’t any setup fees. No monthly fees. No additional fees from CRMDialer. You bring your merchant account and pay a modest transaction fee. Simple. Safe. Secure. You can’t get much better than that.


What Makes Credit Card Processing Great

Providing the service at an affordable price is one thing, but actually delivering high-quality credit card processing solutions is another. There are other free and cheap options out there. But many of them end up being less than stellar. That’s why our platform allows you to seamlessly invoice clients and accept credit card payments right from your CRM with these major benefits:


  • Versatility: You can accept most major credit cards for increased convenience.


  • Security: We’re a Certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider that supports credit card tokenization. That means we provide the security you and your customers can count on.


  • Convenience: Set up recurring payments on the schedule that works best, minimizing the time you spend creating invoices.


  • Fast Payments: Get paid three times faster by accepting credit card payments.


  • Reporting: Our platform gives you the ability to create reports by person or department, giving you a clear view of everything that’s happening.


Additional Payment Options

Some of your customers may prefer paying by e-check or with a PAYA ACH transaction, both of which come right from their bank accounts. Because you’ve chosen CRMDialer, you have the ability to accept credit cards, ACH transactions or e-checks. Our security measures protect sensitive data on all ends, and our streamlined system allows you to get paid faster with next-day funding.

It’s tough to beat CRMDialer inbound sales solution for its free credit card processing solutions, particularly when you take all of the other bells and whistles into account, including the integrated email and SMS, website visitor tracking tools, power dialer, chat, and helpdesk. Once you sign up for your free trial account, our SaaS software immediately deploys. You can be up and running in mere minutes with minimal setup time.