Credit Card Payment Acceptance

Time is money. Every little bit of time you can shave off clunky business practices can be better spent doing what you do best and getting down to business. That’s why we created CRMDialer — to streamline everything and save time for businesses of all types. And now, we’ve created a credit card payment acceptance system that saves time to get you paid faster. Learn more here.

Eliminate the Need for Logging In and Out of Multiple Systems

Stay on your call? No problem. There’s no need to log out of your CRM and into your payment processing platform. With CRMDialer, it’s all right here for you — literally at your fingertips. While you’re on the phone with your customer, you can process their payment. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Click the “payment” tab in the lead profile.
  2. Enter the credit card information.
  3. Select whether it’s a one-time or recurring payment.

Voila! Click “submit,” and within moments, you receive notification the transaction was successful.

Spend Less Time Processing Payments

In the past before CRM payment processing, businesses had to either log in to a separate credit card processing platform to accept payments before manually entering the pertinent information in their CRMs or they had to wait (and wait and wait a little longer) for checks to arrive in the mail before depositing them in the bank and waiting for them to clear. That all added up to a shocking amount of time with payments stuck in processing mode, and you or your employees had to spend time entering payments into the system or physically walking them to the bank.

That’s not the case when you have CRMDialer. Everyone’s favorite dialer CRM also includes integrated credit card payment processing. In mere moments, you can enter the information, save it in the customer’s file and process the payment.

Receive Funds Faster

We’ve got three words for you: next day funding. We’ve heard the horror stories about businesses forced to wait for long periods before finally gaining access to their money and others who had to pay huge fees or deal with clunky implementation that made payment processing harder. That’s why we designed CRMDialer’s payment processing system differently to provide faster access to your money — next day access to be exact.

Other Benefits of CRMDialer’s Credit Card Processing

  • Secure Transactions: We’re a Certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider, and our platform supports transaction tokenization, which takes sensitive credit card information and transforms it into randomly-generated IDs to protect sensitive information.
  • Fast Implementation: Once your sign up for one of our unlimited users CRM accounts, you’ll have our SaaS platform running immediately. No need to spend tons of money or time on integrations.
  • Easily Set Up Recurring Payments: Save time, provide convenience. Automatic payments are easy, and you can create a schedule that works best.
  • Flexibility: Would your customers prefer paying by e-check or ACH transaction? No problem. Our payment processing system does it all.

Start getting paid faster, even while you’re on the phone. Visit CRMDialer today to learn more or to schedule a demo. You’ll be amazed at the groundbreaking tools included in this all-in-one solution.