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Businesses looking to boost performance need to look beyond a traditional CRM like Salesforce and Hubspot. A new wave of business requirements indicates that CRM software today needs to be a fully loaded communication suite that includes a phone system, SMS, email and internal chat. The need to manage leads, contacts and documents has evolved. Expensive applications charging per-user fees are no longer cutting it for the long term. These are all reasons to consider CRMDialer’s CRM Software, including five additional unique features that you just won’t get from HubSpot CRM.

What’s all the buzz about? By now, you’ve surely heard about how customer relationship management (CRM) software can offer game-changing benefits. But do you really understand why you need it and the best account option for you? This guide offers a quick insight into the reasons you should implement a CRM ASAP, along with a little information about how unlimited users CRMs help businesses so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Integrated CRM Helpdesk Zendesk Alternative

Create and track tickets to ensure proper SLAs are met by customer support and success departments.

Why Your Business Needs A CRM

Here’s the thing — an unlimited users CRM gives your business unlimited use of the powerful, game-changing tools included in a CRM for a simple, flat rate. Why do you need a CRM? It turns out that how you handle your leads, prospects, clients, and customers have a huge impact on your business. A research study conducted by Marketing Sherpa suggests that lead scoring — a key function of many CRMs — increases conversion rates by about 79 percent. Simply put, without the best CRM, you could be letting more than three-quarters of your potential new business slip away. And that’s not the only reason you need a CRM. Other benefits of implementing the right CRM include:

  • A better organization that simplifies everything from marketing to customer service to sales
  • Next-level customer service with lead records that pull up customer history as calls come in
  • Reporting metrics, call recordings and detailed views of each employees’ performance, helping managers to conduct better employee evaluations
  • Automated processes like scheduled emails and call queues streamline day-to-day tasks so everyone can spend more time focusing on business and less time on menial work

CRM Pricing: The Basics

Before you can understand how unlimited users CRMs help businesses, it helps to understand how most people end up paying for their CRM software. Typically, businesses can choose from three pricing models when they’re signing up for a CRM, including:

  • Pay-Per-User: Payment agreements for this pricing model typically include a per-user, per-month charge. The more users you have, the more you pay. For smaller businesses, it can be a good stepping stone between a free CRM and a plan with unlimited users as the business scales up and slowly adds more users and increases revenue.
  • Unlimited: No caps, no user limits — just one flat fee for everyone in your business to have access to the tools and features included in the CRM with unlimited contact and storage.

Why Choose Unlimited?

Unlimited users CRM accounts are particularly helpful for quickly growing businesses and enterprise-level accounts. A flat rate makes payment simple while a lack of caps allows your business to tap into its full potential without any limits on what you can do. The key is to look at all of your options. If you don’t have many users, then a pay-per-user account might make better sense for you. But, to figure that out, you should do the math. Multiply the number of users you have by the monthly fee to determine the option that makes the best financial sense. If you do have a large number of users, then unlimited is the way to go. Boost your business, nurture leads and become better organized — all without limitations.

10 Ways CRMDialer Is Disrupting The CRM Industry

To say that CRMDialer is disruptive to the CRM industry may sound like an overstatement. So, here are the facts. Consider the definition of a disruptor — a product that looks at the needs of its audience and existing products before creating a platform that gives users a new way to boost business and get results. CRMDialer’s powerful yet user-friendly CRM with an integrated power dialer includes a lot of muscle into its sleek, all-in-one package. Businesses looking to boost performance with fully loaded call center clouds have many reasons to consider CRMDialer, including unique features companies, just won’t get from the competition. You should consider CRMDialer a real game-changer, and here are a few reasons why.

Power Dialer CRM With Call Recording & Local Presence

Make and receive calls with CRMDialer’s power dialer. Calls are recorded and local presence is included as well.

1. Sales & Marketing CRM That Is Also A Business Phone System

Agents need to make calls quickly and efficiently right from your browser from anywhere in the world. CRMDialer’s platform offers:

  • Click-to-call with call recording that lets agents spend more time connecting with people and less time dialing
  • Call queues, IVR, local presence, call waiting and voicemail drops
  • Round robin to give each agent the same number of calls
  • Missed call reporting that lets managers know who missed calls (and why)
  • Whisper and barge functionality lets supervisors listen in and help out as needed

2. Bring Your Own Gmail and Outlook Email Integrations

Your agents need inbound and outbound email to be integrated with their CRM for ultimate efficiency. The system needs to sync to their Gmail or Outlook accounts so that your agents can send and receive email without having to log in and out of the CRM. CRMDialer allows you to create email templates, schedule send times and bulk email validation to verify your lead list in order to reduce potential bounce rates and being marked as spam.

3. Sending & Receiving Inbound & Outbound SMS

After your agents make contact with leads, it is very helpful in today’s tech era to have the option to follow up via text. After all, text messages get an open rate of about 98 percent and a response rate of around 80 percent — sometimes it’s just the ticket for closing deals.

Website Visitor Tracking CRM

Grow your business with website visitor tracking by turning typically anonymous traffic into valuable data.

4. Website Visitor Tracking To Understand What Your Users Want

CRMDialer’s revolutionary website visitor tracking feature gives businesses like yours a window into the behavior of prospects in real-time. Website visitor tracking starts the moment that someone visits your site, clicks a link in one of your emails or completes a form.

The moment that a visitor enters your site for the first time and forever moving forward, your sales agents will know exactly what the specific contacts looked at, for how long and be able to determine exactly what the prospects are interested and thus putting an end to cold calling once and for all. The more visitors that get cookied, the bigger your pipeline will be. We’ve seen our clients’ lead pools grow just like a giant snowball with visitor tracking. No one has ever made less money by using visitor tracking 🙂

Watch this video of Website Visitor Tracking in action with CRMDialer:

5. Unlimited Visitor Tracking CRM!

As a business manager, you are bound to make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis, but only some of them will greatly influence the future of your company. Among the many decisions is the need to choose a CRM, also known as customer relationship management, a system that can truly change the way your salespeople communicate with prospects and even among themselves. This kind of contact center platform would be a smart addition to any business that wants to take advantage of the best communication tools on the market.

As long as you choose our unlimited plan, you will have access to our Unlimited Website Visitor Tracking CRM, which means that your company can grow as much as it needs without you having to pay a cent extra. Even though you might just have a few salespeople that are working for you at the moment, you never know just how many agents you will be paying for in just a few months. The secret to being successful is simple – you just need to be dedicated to the right approach.

The good news is that our platform is accessible within 60 seconds, easy to use and helps your team increase its number of sales, revenue and even the number of people that will be working for these common goals! The next step that you should make is to pick the unlimited users plan from the start and see for yourself just how great this choice is for your business!

6. Leveraging Local Presence Caller ID

When prospects see a local number on caller ID, they’re more likely to pick up the phone. We designed our dialer with a dynamic caller ID that displays a local number based on the phone number your reps are dialing. This allows your organization to increase your contact rate by as much a 400 percent. And we all know that the more prospects you reach, the more accounts you’re able to sign.

Watch this video of Local Presence in action with CRMDialer:

7. Integrated CRM Helpdesk

We built powerful tools into the dialer to let you best analyze performance, boost results and measure your sales reps’ production. Our dialer metrics give you real-time monitoring and reporting. You can play recorded calls back to evaluate your reps’ performance and to help with training.

8. 100% Accurate Speech Recognition and Transcription

Voice-to-text solutions aren’t necessarily new, but we’ve fine-tuned our speech recognition feature so that you can instantly transform the words you speak into text that’s incredibly accurate. Our speech recognition is better than every other system on the market. We’ve tested our 100% accurate speech transcription against Google Speech, IBM Watson, and Amazon Alexa – CRMDialer wins every time and the results are not even close when looking at large datasets. In turn, this lets you create notes and emails roughly three times faster. It also eliminates the need for clunky manual data entry, giving your team an edge. You can expect better performance and stellar quality when it comes to the quality of your transcriptions.

9. Powerful Call Recording With Whisper & Barge

Our power dialer offers call recording, which is an incredibly useful tool to analyze performance and provide useful training to reps. It also takes things one step further, allowing managers to listen in on live calls during recording so they can evaluate performance in real-time and offer support as needed. The call center cloud streamlines the entire process to boost your team’s performance from the moment they use the click to call feature to contact their leads until the moment they close the deals.

10. Integrated CRM Chat

When it comes to creating an awesome environment for teamwork, it’s tough to beat the power of CRMDialer’s internal chat function. This standout feature fosters collaboration with easy-to-use functionality. Create groups and channels so the team can share files, images, and information all in one place. Instantly share, or search for what you need; the chat feature lets you and everyone else keep up with everything going on.

For more information on how CRMDialer can reduce your administrative workload and supercharge your customer service efforts, schedule a free demonstration or start your free trial now.