Boost Your Conversions

In some ways, the sales process has remained unchanged for as long as there has been commerce. But in many other ways, it’s constantly evolving, and in 2019 the most rapid changes are occurring in how we apply technology – like customer resource management tools – to the task of converting prospects into paying customers. Here are three simple but highly effective tactics you can put to work to boost your own team’s conversions using CRM technology.

Pre-Qualify Leads Where Possible

A huge part of optimizing your sales funnel and boosting conversions is enabling your agents to hit the ground running from the first contact by pre-qualifying your leads. That comes down to answering questions like where a lead is likely to be in the buying process and what products or services they’re most interested in, all based on their behaviors and interactions during the capture process.

CRMDialer provides advanced web tracking that automatically syncs to a lead account as soon as the lead is captured. That provides agents with vital information like which website pages a new lead has spent the most time on, where they were referred from, how they’ve interacted with on-site promotional materials, and more. The result is better-informed sales agents and faster closes.

Capture as Much Relevant Data as Possible

It’s well understood that knowledge is power, yet it’s incredible how much relevant lead information isn’t tracked in the average sales cycle. The more data recorded on each lead, the better your agents’ understanding will be of how the sales process is unfolding – not just at present, but each step of the way. That big-picture view enables agents to both tighten their targeting and to provide more personalized service to their leads – a must in today’s competitive, data-driven sales environment.

Capturing and utilizing relevant information about lead interactions is easy with CRMDialer, thanks to its user-friendly lead management interface. The system automatically tracks information from calls and email contacts, and agents can easily add manual notes covering any interaction or in-person meeting. Agents can then access all of that pertinent information with just a few clicks, ensuring that they’re always on the same page as your prospects.

Automate Everything You Can

Sales in 2019 is a data-driven game, and automation has become a huge part of success. Your agents are still the primary key to successful customer relationships, but when it comes to data, humans are a source of error. By automating as much of your lead management process as possible, you can minimize those mistakes and ensure that valuable lead and client data is recorded accurately and consistently.

Automating processes to make your agents’ lives easier is at the heart of what CRMDialer does. CRMDialer’s lead management suite automatically creates and updates lead accounts for each of your prospects, ensuring that your team never loses track of a single lead while freeing up their time to focus on what they do best – forming relationships and closing deals. It also makes identifying duplicate or dead leads a breeze, ensuring your team doesn’t waste a single second chasing sales that aren’t there.

CRMDialer is a full-featured customer resource management platform designed to streamline the entire sales process across the entire lifetime of a customer. It offers powerful automated lead management tools, as well as a full suite of other features, from an industry-leading power dialer to eSignature to billing and online payments, and beyond.

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