Mortgage Brokers

When it comes to sales in almost any industry, including the mortgage industry, it’s all about the leads. A constant flow of high-quality leads is the first step in successfully closing as many deals as possible. Continually warming those leads through each step of the process is equally important, and that means not only finding new leads but effectively collecting them and managing them throughout their entire lifetime, right up to the point you close their mortgages. The following five tips represent some of the most effective ways you can improve your mortgage prospecting efforts to ensure the top of your funnel is always full, the leads you acquire are of as high a quality as possible, and you never lose track of another qualified lead that would have become a deal ever again. 


1) Collect Leads from Everywhere You Can

The key to good prospecting is to get as many good leads into the top of the sales funnel as possible. So, if you’re not already generating mortgage sales leads from every source you can, you need to start. Ideally, every public-facing aspect of your business should act as a lead generation tool. If you give out a business card, make sure it has a link to a lead-collection page on your website. If you receive an email, that’s a potential lead. If you receive a phone call, that’s a potential lead.  If someone visits your social media page, that’s a potential lead. There are potential leads interacting with you and your business every single day, and failing to capture them represents a huge missed opportunity. Approaching every one of your business systems with lead management in mind will help you uncover a trove of new lead sources you’d otherwise be missing out on completely. 


2)  Treat Your Leads Like the Gold They Are

When it comes to your brokerage, prospecting is key and highly qualified, hot leads are the gold you’re searching for. One of the most important aspects of lead generation is properly capturing them in such a way that they can be easily managed because a lead lost either from poor capture or from ineffective management can never be turned into a sale. Yet, many brokers and organizations don’t treat the leads they generate like the gold that they are, capturing them either with outdated software or – worse – manually in notebooks or spreadsheets. Those leads can never be managed and nurtured to their full potential, meaning that, while some may turn into deals, many that could have turned into deals will slip through the cracks. As a result, brokers should treat effective lead capture and management as an absolute top priority. 


3) Embrace Social Media

We live in a digital world, and the odds are that your target prospects spend a significant amount of time each day on social media. That means social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn represent huge opportunities for you to both get in front of your target prospects and to begin pulling their information into your lead management system. Just being there and being seen is key, as a large percentage of the population now go to social media as one of the first, if not the first stop in their online searches, including when looking for mortgages. Social media also offers significant – and very affordable – advertising opportunities with previously unimaginable levels of targeting. The result is a medium in which you can not only make contact with potential leads organically through their efforts, but you can also use affordable paid advertising to retarget those people to increase the overall chances of successful contact.


4) Educate Your Target Market

You may be familiar with the term “lead magnet,” and with good reason – lead magnets represent one of the most powerful lead generation tools available. Lead magnets, or carrots, are anything that a company offers to potential leads in exchange for their contact information. Educational materials are one of the most effective carrots companies can employ for lead management for a couple of reasons. First, they represent real value that prospects are more than willing to give up their contact information for. Second, they serve as a tool to educate prospects on the very products and services on offer, essentially helping to pre-qualify those leads in addition to generating them in the first place. In the mortgage industry – a highly complex space representing one of the biggest transactions most people will make in their entire lives – good educational materials represent powerful lead generation tools because people are, rightfully, very interested in learning as much as they can before diving in. 


5) Utilize Modern Lead Technology

Modern technology has revolutionized all aspects of the prospecting and sales process, including lead generation. Customer resource management platforms like CRMDialer include complete lead generation and management suites, making it easier than ever to keep a steady stream of high-quality leads constantly flowing into the top of your sales funnel. With CRMDialer, leads can be collected automatically from websites, email, and even SMS messages, with each generating a fresh account in the lead management system. Leads can also be created manually in as little as a single click, an incredibly beneficial feature, especially when creating lead accounts over the phone. Once an account has been created, every future contact with that lead is automatically logged and tracked, meaning sales agents always have access to full contact history and complete lead data. The result is the most effective collection and management of leads possible, with positive impacts flowing to every subsequent step of the sales process as well. 

In addition, to lead management, CRMDialer also includes a wide array of tools designed to improve all aspects of your business, from sales to operations, to communications and beyond. Those tools include a built-in power dialer, a customer support portal, a full billing, and payments suite, and much more. Start your free trial and learn how this industry-leading customer resource management platform can revolutionize the way your mortgage brokerage approaches lead generation.