How to Select the Best CRM for Your Real Estate Business

Real estate CRMs are customer resource management tools designed to help agents and agencies work smarter, save time, and, most importantly, maximize commissions by improving all customer-facing aspects of business. CRM systems have seen wide scale adoption in all areas of sales, and their growing popularity in real estate is thanks to the many benefits they can offer to both the sales and operations sides of your business, including – but not limited to:

  • Generating more leads
  • Creating stronger prospect and client relationships
  • Improving brand awareness with homeowners not yet ready to sell
  • Streamlining the client acquisition process
  • Streamlining the sales process
  • Centralizing communications and key daily tasks

When selecting a new CRM for your real estate agency, it’s important to look for a system that excels in each of these areas. It’s also important to ensure that any system you choose is flexible and cost-effective enough to expand alongside your agency as it grows. 


Your Real Estate CRM Should Enhance Your Prospecting and Sales Process

Keeping the top of your funnel full is one of the most important aspects of real estate sales. And the better you can understand, categorize, and manage each lead coming in the top, the more successful closes you’ll enjoy coming out of the bottom. Real estate CRMs are specifically designed to help collect more leads to keep the funnel full and manage and nurture them better to ensure each has the best possible chance of turning into a client.  

Lead Management

Ultimately the goal of all CRMs is to facilitate sales, and when choosing yours, the top priority should be its ability to improve your prospecting and help you turn more leads into signed clients. Luckily, all CRMs are built with lead collection and management at their core. 

The ability to collect new leads through the system seamlessly, and preferably automatically, is an absolute must. A top real estate CRM like CRMDialer will enable you to collect leads from your website, forms set up on tablets at your open houses, inbound emails, telephone calls, SMS messages, and more. You can even use QR codes on your ads around town to enable your prospects to submit their information from anywhere, directly into the CRM.   

Your real estate CRM should also make it easier to manage and categorize the leads you collect, automatically tracking and logging each contact, recategorizing leads as they move through the sales process, and more. 

Follow-Up/Relationship Management

Real estate is often a long game. That’s especially true when it comes to recruiting sellers, where agents can sometimes spend years getting a foot in the door and building brand awareness and relationships in anticipation of the day a homeowner is finally ready to hit the market. A good real estate CRM should be able to automate the follow-up and relationship management process as much as possible to ensure that follow-up contacts always happen, even if you forget. 

For instance, your CRM should be able to automatically recategorize leads based on the time elapsed since your last contact, and then automatically deliver a follow-up email, add a call to your schedule, or even move the lead onto your physical mailing list for a new piece of branded mail. 


Your Real Estate CRM Should Streamline Your Most Common Daily Tasks

The best real estate CRMs go well beyond just sales, offering tools that impact all aspects of your agency’s operations, from marketing to vendor management to analytics and beyond. One specific area in which a good CRM is of huge benefit to your agency is its ability to streamline all aspects of daily communications and schedule management. 

Communications and Scheduling

Between calling other realtors, setting up meetings, chasing buyers and sellers, and working with third-parties like staging companies, marketing firms, brokers, and more, your real estate business involves constant communication and meetings.

To improve your productivity and make your life easier, your real estate CRM should centralize your communication and scheduling to allow you to minimize the number of platforms you have to juggle, save you time, tighten up your time management, create automatic logs of your contacts with clients, partners, and vendors, and more. 

A top real estate CRM like CRMDialer not only brings your Gmail and Outlook accounts directly into the system, it also centralizes organization-wide calendar management, internal agency chat, SMS messaging, and, thanks to the built-in power dialer, even your daily calling. 


Your Real Estate CRM Should Make Future Growth Easy

Whether you’re starting out solo or the head of a small team, the ultimate goal is always healthy growth. Unfortunately, growth can be painful if you don’t have the right systems and partnerships in place. The right real estate CRM should be designed to grow alongside you – something not all are ideally suited for. 

Unlimited Users and Storage

Your real estate CRM’s billing model plays a huge part in determining how capable it is of growing with your agency. Most CRMs use a per-user-per-month billing structure designed to maximize revenue from the provider’s multi-user clients. That model can seem attractive at first if you’re an individual agent or a small team just starting out. But as soon as growth starts to ramp up and you begin to expand, it quickly becomes a major cost, forcing you into a decision between continuing to eat a huge monthly bill or changing systems at the least convenient and most disruptive time possible. 

CRMDialer works differently. It offers agencies unlimited users, unlimited leads, and unlimited storage for a single, affordable monthly fee. By removing limits on use and users, CRMDialer creates the most growth-friendly CRM environment possible, benefiting everyone involved and taking one more eventual problem off your plate. 


For a first-hand look at all the ways a real estate CRM can help your agency streamline your workflows, build better relationships, and close more sales, start your no-commitment 14-day free trial of CRMDialer today.