Real Estate CRM Benefits: Seven Ways to Use CRMDialer to Find More Clients and Close More Deals

Real estate CRMs are customer resource management systems used to tackle the problems and tasks real estate agents face each day. CRMDialer – one of the most powerful and full-featured CRM systems available – has been employed by countless real estate companies to help streamline workflows, recruit more buyers and sellers, and close deals faster. The following are seven tips you can use to employ the many benefits of CRMDialer in your own real estate agency, covering everything from finding new leads to maintaining better contact to working more efficiently and beyond. 


Tip 1: Use a Real Estate CRM to Pull in More Organic Leads at Open Houses

Open houses are a great place to find new leads, as potential buyers and one-day-hopefuls wander in and out. But before you can convert them, you need to capture those leads successfully. With CRMDialer, you can set up tablets around your open houses that allow visitors to quickly tap in their contact information. Upon submission, the lead data will be sent directly to the CRM, and the system will automatically create a new lead account with zero effort required on your end. The same kind of automatic lead capture can be done with email inquiries, inbound phone calls, and even QR codes on your print ads.  


Tip 2: Automate Your Potential-Seller Follow-Ups

Finding sellers is often a long-term game. Just because a homeowner isn’t ready to sell today doesn’t mean they won’t be in a month, a year, or a few years. But ensuring you’re the agent that comes to their mind when that day arrives requires you to maintain consistent communication. CRMDialer provides you with a number of tools to ensure no quality long-term lead ever slips through the cracks. You can set leads to be automatically recategorized as soon as a certain amount of time has elapsed since the last contact. From there, you can set the system to either prompt you with a reminder to reach out personally or send a mailer, or you can even set it to send off a quick email automatically.  


Tip 3: Manage Your Email Marketing

You can use CRMDialer for more than just one-on-one follow-ups. The built-in autoresponder system allows you to manage and send your mass email campaigns from within the CRM, as well. Not only does sending email blasts through the CRM make things simpler, it also ensures that the data that comes back from those campaigns will feed directly into the database, helping you improve future communications. Why pay for and use a separate auto-responder when your CRM can get the job done just as well and capture far more valuable customer data?


Tip 4: Use a Real Estate CRM to Know What Your Buyers Want

CRMDialer includes a unique visitor tracking feature that automatically monitors and logs your leads’ interactions with your website. When a lead in your system goes to your site, CRMDialer will add notes to their account detailing which pages they visited and how long they stayed on each. It’s a powerful feature, especially if your site includes all of your listings. With CRMDialer, you can get an idea of the types of properties a lead is looking for even before one-on-one contact is made – an incredible way to make a great impression early. 


Tip 5: Use a Real Estate CRM to Schedule Your Whole Day

One thing that makes CRMs so popular is their ability to centralize an enormous number of daily tasks. With CRMDialer, you can access and manage almost everything you need from one software platform, including: 

  • Lead management and sales
  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • Email, SMS, and telephone communications
  • Marketing
  • Document management
  • Billing

And much more.


Tip 6: Use a Real Estate CRM to Take Your Entire Business With You

CRMDialer’s mobile app lets you tap into the power of your CRM from anywhere. Real estate is a business-on-the-move, and whether you’re meeting with clients, hosting an open house, on the way to or from the office, or getting some work done after-hours, CRMDialer enables you to access your all-important lead data and many of the CRM’s key features when and where it’s convenient for you, even if you’re not at a computer. 


Tip 7: Use CRMDialer to Facilitate Your Agency’s Growth

CRMDialer does not work on a per-user-per-month basis like most CRMs. Instead, it offers unlimited users, unlimited buyer and seller leads, and unlimited document storage. As a result, by adopting CRMDialer, you can rest assured that as your agency grows and new agents come on board, you’ll never be faced with a skyrocketing bill, and your sales tech will always be ready to grow right alongside you.



Thanks to these seven benefits and many more, CRMDialer is one of the most powerful sales tools available to your agency today. For a first-hand look at everything the system can do for your real estate agency, start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today.