solar technology

Lead generation is at the heart of all sales processes, and it’s especially important in solar sales, where rising competition and falling prices have made the industry incredibly competitive. One great tool that equipment consultants, retailers, and installers can utilize to help sharpen their competitive edge is solar CRM software. Customer resource management tools help boost productivity in almost all areas of operations, but one area in which they’re particularly effective is lead generation. A good CRM platform like CRMDialer doesn’t just help sales agents make better use of their leads, but also to automate the entire lead generation process, freeing up staff to focus on converting prospects rather than finding them. 


Capture Leads Directly from Your Web Visitors

Getting set up with solar technology is a complex proposition for most new entrants, and as a result, online research is normally one of the first places people turn. This makes it more important than ever for your company to have an effective, highly-optimized website. But your website isn’t just a tool for educating potential buyers and getting your name out into the market; it’s also a lead capture device – or, at least, it should be. 

Solar software like CRMDialer makes it possible for you to turn your website into a lead capture device by connecting your contact form directly to the CRM platform so that every prospect that reaches out to ask you a question automatically has an account generated in the lead-management section of the CRM. The result is a self-generating stream of pre-qualified leads that have already expressed an interest in your products. 


Use Educational Giveaways to Automatically Populate Lead Accounts

People love getting something for free, especially today’s internet users, who almost expect it. But free doesn’t have to mean expensive, and a great way to build a rapport with your potential buyers is to provide them with free educational materials like reports and ebooks. These promotional tools not only help you move people forward through the buying cycle, but they also give you an opportunity to capture valuable lead information by asking for an email address in exchange for the carrot you’re offering – a deal most people are more than happy to make. 

CRMDialer makes it easy to create and manage these kinds of lead-capture campaigns by allowing you to embed CRM-connected lead capture forms almost anywhere. You can use forms on your website, links or forms embedded in your promotional or business emailing, or even send the offer out via SMS, all directly through the CRM platform.  


Create Lead Accounts for All Incoming Communication

Fully automatic lead generation with zero work or one-on-one contact is great because it keeps a steady stream of leads flowing without tying up any personnel resources, but that doesn’t mean every member of your staff shouldn’t also function as a lead-generation machine in and of themselves. There is no reason that every single communication your team has with an interested party shouldn’t result in that person’s information being added to your lead database, and CRMDialer makes it easier than ever for your team to do just that. 

One particularly important untapped well of leads is the telephone. CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer crm displays the details of inbound callers directly on your agents’ screens, and once an agent has the caller’s name, the system makes it possible for them to turn that information into a lead account with just a few clicks.