Inbound Sales

Inbound sales has become the strategy of choice in a host of industries, since it resonates with today’s modern consumer far more than old, outdated, transactional sales processes. But with any change comes certain growing pains, and the switch to inbound sales practices is no different. As a manager, that makes it your job to create a sales environment as conducive to success as possible for your sales staff, so that the transition to modern, inbound sales is as seamless and painless as possible. The following are three straightforward, but highly effective ways to boost your inbound sales staff’s performance by giving them, and your customers, the tools they need.


Invest in Educating Your Customers

Arguably the most important aspect of inbound sales is that the process is designed to bring the prospect and the sale to you rather than you going out to find or win it. It’s such an effective paradigm shift because it recognizes the way customers today want to buy. They don’t want to be hounded by salespeople, they want to determine their needs on their own, examine their options on their own, and come to all but a final decision on their own, only engaging a salesperson near the end of the process of moving themselves through the buying cycle. That means it’s crucial that you invest in producing the materials your customer needs to not only find you during their search, but to educate themselves about the products and services you offer, and why they’re the right choice. Website content, blog posts, free guides, books, and YouTube videos are all great ways to get that information out to your prospects, but whatever route you choose, understand that investing in effectively educating your target market is of the utmost importance to your inbound sales team’s success. 


Invest in Educating Your Team

The customer is the absolute focus in inbound sales – a very different approach to the sales practices of old where the customer was viewed more as a revenue source and the sales process as a transaction. Younger salespeople who themselves have grown up in the new sales environment brought on by the internet age probably won’t have a problem with that, but your more senior sales staff might find the idea of abandoning their old, more active and forward sales techniques a challenge. As such, it’s very important that you offer continuing education to your sales staff in order to ensure they understand and embrace the inbound sales process and the new, completely customer-centric approach that it requires. 


Provide Your Team with Better Systems

While inbound sales – is all about the customer and letting your prospects move through the traditional sales process themselves, at the end of the day, your team still has a job to do, and once a customer has reached out, it’s business as usual. But today’s customers now expect that their dealings with your sales staff will be personal in nature, so you need to give your sales team the right tools to deliver that experience. A customer resource management platform is the ideal tool for that job, because a good inbound sales CRM is designed to not only organize and automate your entire sales process and all customer-facing tasks, it’s also designed to enhance your sales staff’s ability to make each and every customer feel like the only customer. 

CRMDialer, the leading customer resource management platform on the market, streamlines the entire sales process, from first contact all the way through to post-sale support. Its advanced lead management system automatically creates an account for each prospect as soon as they reach out to you, and every subsequent interaction is automatically logged to that account, giving your sales team an unbroken record of each and every sales call and perfect awareness over each prospect’s status. Once a prospect is ready to be closed, credit card payments can be taken directly through the CRM, either online, over the phone, or even in person thanks to CRMDialer’s built-in Authorize.NET integration. That minimizes the time in between closing and payment, reducing the possibility of changed minds and maximizing cash flow.

CRMDialer also streamlines and enhances your telephone sales operations, all internal and external communications, marketing and email blasts, analytics analysis, and much, much more. For more information on how CRMDialer can empower your inbound sales staff to offer better customer experience and close more deals, start your free trial now.