Our CEO Dimitri Akhrin

Last week our President Dimitri Akhrin was featured in an interview with Entrepreneur.com about his thoughts related to the importance of using an integrated CRM software to guarantee improvements in communications and efficiency for established and new businesses.  Dimitri talks about guidelines and details about effective team communication that he has learned after founding 3 companies.

During this Q+A session, Dimitri explained the importance of having fewer systems to handle both internal and client communications.

He also explained the importance of merging different tools that teams already use into a unified CRM for maximum efficiency.

Read the full article about CRMDialer on ENTREPRENEUR.com.

The main idea:  Logging into fewer tools on a daily basis is one of the guaranteed solutions to the problem of many team inefficiencies.


The most important idea that I believe in, is that the less number of systems a sales or support team has to log into throughout the day, the more successful and happy they will be.

For internal communications, an organization-wide CRM platform should be adopted, and the entire team effectively trained on how to use it, as opposed to allowing each department to determine their own platform of choice. This maintains transparency, and avoids departmental siloes of information. The proper CRM should include features such as chat, email, SMS and a phone system which all live within it. Calendar sharing and note tracking and customer history should also exist within to access within seconds to streamline efficiency. The most important idea is that all employees are working through a single system.


To close this Q+A session Dimitri talks about foster a company-wide philosophy of openness and collaboration, getting important internal things solved and having the right tools for it is the key.

Always remember that “your employees are on the front lines, so it is vital to check in with them regularly to keep a handle on what is working, what issues they or your customers might be having, and ideas on how to improve”.

We will help your organization communicate more effectively with our Easy To Use, All-In-One Integrated CRM.


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