Power Dialer for Sales Teams

A power dialer is a phone dialing system designed to make high-volume calling operations as fast, efficient, and cost-effective as possible. Power dialers replace traditional phone systems and hard-wired lines in favor of cloud-based VoIP systems, moving the entire calling infrastructure online. If your sales team is considering upgrading to a power dialer, there a wide variety of benefits you stand to enjoy over your current legacy systems, including, but not limited to, lower costs, boosted productivity, reduced agent attrition, a better sales process, and more focused training and quality control. 


Cut Costs with a Cloud-Based Power Dialer

Some traditional enterprise phone systems like the ones available from Cisco now offer certain VoIP functions, but they still revolve around specialized desktop hardware at each of your agents’ workstations. Those phone sets are not cheap, and because of their specialized nature, their installation and ongoing maintenance often require dedicated IT support. 

A cloud-based power dialer eliminates the need for expensive, specialized hardware altogether, requiring nothing but an internet connection and a headset. That, in turn, essentially eliminates installation and maintenance fees. Better yet, in cases where the power dialer is built into a wider sales software platform, like CRMDialer, the whole monthly phone bill is eliminated, too, bringing costs down even further. 


Power Dialers Supercharge Efficiency

The primary purpose of a power dialer is to make high-volume calling more efficient by automating as much of the process as possible. Some common productivity-boosting features included in top power dialers include:

  • Automatic call queuing: Agents can quickly build a queue of prospects and then let the system automatically dial each new call a set amount of time after the previous call ends. 
  • One-click calling: Agents can launch calls from lists or lead accounts with a single click, eliminating the slow process of dialing out number-by-number. 
  • One-click voicemail drop: Agents can queue a voicemail to drop with a single click and move on to the next call, reclaiming all the time normally wasted waiting for the beep. 

In a numbers game like high-volume telephone sales, getting connected to the next call faster means more revenue, making a dialer an easy choice for phone-based sales teams. 


Reduce Repetitive Strain With a Power Dialer

Call center work revolves around extremely repetitive tasks, and that repetition can cause big problems. Firstly, it’s mentally fatiguing, which degrades employee engagement and increases the risk of burnout. There are also physical considerations in environments where dialing is being done by hand, and something as simple as carpal tunnel syndrome can result in expensive claims or unnecessary employee attrition – a big problem in an industry with average turnover rates as high as 45%.

A power dialer eliminates most of the mental strain and effectively all of the physical strain involved with high-volume calling by turning all of the most repetitive tasks over to the software. That helps keep employees more engaged and helps agents stick around long enough to reach their full potential. 


Power Dialers Enhance the Sales Process

Power dialers linked with customer resource management software not only make the calling process more efficient, they also make it more effective by improving your agents’ ability to deliver a more targeted and more personal pitch. Platforms like CRMDialer fully integrate their power dialers with the rest of their advanced lead management and productivity tools. That means every call serves as a two-way link to your stored customer data, allowing agents to both access key prospect information to help close the deal and add new data back into the CRM at the same time. 

The result of that advanced customer data integration is that sales processes requiring more than one customer touch become less transactional and more personal, enabling the agent to approach each new contact with a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs and making the customer feel like they’re a priority rather than just a number on a list. 


Power Dialers Enable Better Training and Quality Control

Telephone sales represent a unique sales environment both because they require a specialized skill set to master and because they’re bound by some very serious regulatory restrictions. Power dialers often come with a number of tools designed to help sales managers maintain call quality, ensure regulatory compliance, and build enhanced training programs – all keys to thriving in a phone-based sales environment. 

CRMDialer, for instance, enables call recording to allow your management team to listen back to any of your agents’ historical calls for QC and training purposes. It also allows managers to monitor calls live in real-time and, if necessary, to coach the agent right there on the call or even speak directly to the prospect using whisper and barge modes. Those features ensure your company is always on the right side of the law, always delivering an optimized sales process, and that your agents have the training they need to maximize your revenues and their commissions. 


If you’re looking to maximize your sales team’s efficiency while simultaneously lowering costs, creating a healthier work environment, and improving your processes, a power dialer is an ideal solution. But why adopt a stand-alone power dialer and another monthly bill when you could opt for a single, centralized software platform capable of handling your calling and your lead management, billing and payments, customer support, marketing, and more, all in the same place?

That platform is CRMDialer – the leading customer resource management platform on the market today. To find out more about how CRMDialer can supercharge your calling and revolutionize all of your customer-facing operations, reach out to a member of the team or start your free 14-day trial today!