Power Dialer Phone System

Working from a telephone is hard. Whether it’s a phone sales agent making their way through a list of prospects or a support agent taking call-after-call from angry or frustrated customers, a full day in a call center can be rough. There are a host of common problems faced by call centers and their agents, and it’s those problems that power dialers have been designed specifically to address. 

First and foremost, in telephone-based environments, efficiency is everything, because slow or inefficient operations mean fewer prospects reached and fewer sales closed, or longer wait-times and even angrier customers. In both cases, the company’s best interests are severely undercut. That puts enormous pressure on agents to hit daily volume goals. 

On top of that, because the phone is impersonal, sales agents and support staff don’t have the benefit of creating the kind of rapport that would be possible in an in-person engagement. Some people are also more willing to be rude or aggressive over the phone than they would be in-person, meaning agents may be more likely to run into outright hostility when performing their jobs than someone would in a traditional sales meeting. That makes it crucial for phone agents to have their on-call demeanor, sales and support processes, and conflict resolution techniques down pat. 

Finally, just getting through can be a major challenge. That’s especially true for sales agents calling from unfamiliar locations with out-or-area phone numbers. People will often ignore calls from numbers they don’t recognize, and failure to connect ends the sales process before it can even get started. 


How Web-Based Power Dialers Change the Game

Cloud-based dialers are the perfect solutions for all businesses facing the kinds of challenges mentioned above – challenges faced in essentially all calling environments. Not only that but because cloud-based dialers require nothing more than a headset and an internet connection to operate, companies are also off the hook for expensive hardware and their monthly phone bills. 

A good power dialer is designed specifically to streamline all aspects of calling operations. Outbound calls can be preloaded and queued to eliminate the act of manually dialing completely – a major relief on one of the most repetitive tasks in the industry and a huge boost to efficiency. Incoming calls can be automatically routed using IVR systems, and in cases where no option is selected, can be evenly distributed, ensuring no one agent is ever overloaded. Most power dialers also come with built-in analytics to help managers keep an eye on individual and team calling numbers. 

But it’s through the combination of a cloud-based power dialer and a customer resource management platform that dialers become true game-changers. By seamlessly integrating calling and CRM in one platform, companies can solve all of the common problems encountered in calling environments while simultaneously enabling their operators to elevate their sales and support delivery to previously unattainable levels. 


Features Included in CRMDialer

CRMDialer – one of the most full-featured customer resource management platforms on the market – includes an industry-leading power dialer that isn’t just integrated with the CRM, it’s part of it by design. That makes CRMDialer the ultimate tool for all businesses conducting telephone-based sales or support activities. CRMDialer includes a full set of sales, productivity, and administration features, but the dialer alone is also extremely versatile and feature-packed, including:

  • One-click and automatic dialing: CRMDialer connects its calling tools directly to its lead management suite, enabling agents to launch a call to any prospect from within their lead account with a single click. Leads can also be easily imported into call queues, which the dialer can then work through automatically without the agent ever having to hit a key. 
  • Complete access to all lead data: Agents can access full historical lead data and all previous notes at any time during a call from right within the dialer. That ensures agents on sales calls have complete prospect knowledge and can offer a more personalized sales process. It also ensures support agents can easily keep track of a customer’s issue, even across multiple calls and contacts. Agents can then plug in their own notes, and the platform automatically tracks every call (and every interaction overall) to each lead’s account for future reference. 
  • Local presence calling: CRMDialer’s local presence feature enables agents to make outgoing calls from any area code across the United States. That ensures out-of-state leads will always see a familiar, local number on their call displays, significantly boosting answer rates. 
  • One-click voicemail drop: Waiting for the beep eats up valuable time that high-volume sales pros just can’t afford to waste. Voicemail drop allows agents to leave a prerecorded message with a single click and move on to the next call without having to deal with voicemail services. 
  • Advanced training: CRMDialer enables call recording and listen-in functions that enable managers to monitor agent calls in real-time. The platform also offers advanced analytics that can be drilled down on an individual-agent level. The result is more personalized, more effective training programs can be developed to ensure each agent can reach their full potential. 
  • Complete IVR routing: CRMDialer fully replaces existing hard-wired phone systems and includes a complete IVR routing solution, enabling companies to ensure incoming calls always end up in the right place, and customers and prospects never have to deal with endless holds or multiple transfers. 


These represent just a few of the many inbound and outbound calling solutions offered by CRMDialer. For a full list of the platform’s complete features, including its full suite of sales, productivity, and administration tools, start your free trial today