Sales Tips to Help You Close Sales Quicker (Part Two)

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As we have previously discussed, learning to close sales quickly is vital in improving your productivity and in increasing your overall sales numbers. To help you improve the efficiency of your sales tactics, here are a few additional sales tips to help you to close your sales quicker.


Create a Sense of Urgency . . .

A classic method of closing sales quicker is to create a sense of urgency during your sales pitch. The fact is that prospects are going to be more willing to make a purchase if they know that there is a deadline to your offer, which is why limited-time offers are central to good marketing and sales. Creating a sense of urgency by offering a limited-time discount or some other incentive will often give customers the extra push they need to make a decision, as they will not want to lose out on a deal.


. . . But Don’t Be Too Aggressive

However, it is important to remember that there is a fine line between creating a sense of urgency in a sales pitch and being too aggressive in your sales tactics. If you are overly aggressive or pushy during a sales pitch, this will likely have the opposite effect than what you were hoping for by offending and turning away a potential customer. The fact is that most people do not like to feel as though they are being pushed into making a decision, which is why it is important that you strike a balance between creating a sense of urgency and making prospects feel as though you are being pushy, as doing so can help you to close sales quicker.


Build on Momentum

Once you finish a big sale, it can be tempting to celebrate your victory and take a break; however, this is often a mistake. After you close a sale the best course of action is to build on the excitement and momentum you have built up to make another sale. Staying in the groove once you have momentum is a great way to continue making quick and successful sales.

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