Debt Collection

While digital communications have overtaken the telephone in a number of industries, in the debt collection world, the phone call is still king. Luckily, modern technology has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of phone communications too, with the advent of internet-based power dialers. CRMDialer, one of the most full-featured customer resource management tools on the market, comes with a power dialer built right in, designed specifically to streamline your collections calls. That makes CRMDialer the ideal debt collection agency software to help you scale up your business and drive strong agency-wide growth year over year. 


Settle Accounts Faster with Advanced Customer Management

Part of successfully settling delinquent accounts is building good working relationships with the debtors behind those accounts. The fact that an account has gone to collections generally indicates the account holder isn’t overly enthusiastic about paying up, and as a result, it often takes multiple contacts and discussions to move them towards payment. If you can quickly plant the seeds of a positive relationship, you can build the process in such a way that the account holder actually wants to help you, making your job much easier. The key to doing that is to ensure you keep detailed records of each interaction with the account holder, and customer resource management tools are designed to enable exactly that. The account management suite built into CRMDialer makes it possible for you to log every call, email, and contact with each of your debtors, ensuring you never lose track of an account and enabling you to make each interaction as personalized and effective as possible.


Increase Capacity with an Industry-Leading Power Dialer

Calling is one of the primary tools of your trade and being able to quickly, easily, and efficiently reach out to the debtors on your calling list is key to your success. Few tools can empower your calling abilities more than a capable power dialer, like the one included with CRMDialer. With it, you can build call queues to automatically work through your daily calling lists, one by one, with each call dialing the second the previous one ends. You can also dial out from debtor profiles in the customer management area with a single click. Voicemail drop means you’ll never have to wait through an answering message again and can instead leave a voicemail with the click of a button, allowing you to move on to the next call. You can easily add notes on calls, or even make recordings when appropriate. The result is a higher calling capacity each day, more calls delivered, more accounts settled, and higher revenues. 


Turn Increased Close Rates into Increased Business

As your close rates go up and up thanks to the power of CRMDialer’s embedded tools, you’ll open up extra space for additional accounts that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to handle. In some cases, that might be a bit of a conundrum, as the more accounts you add, the more your CRM costs go up. But with CRMDialer, there are no additional costs. You can create unlimited debtor profiles and store unlimited documents. That means as your business grows, CRMDialer grows with you, with no additional costs and no caps on how big you can get!

For more information on how your debt collection agency can benefit from CRMDialer’s advanced sales and administration tools, including unlimited lead and customer accounts, and an industry-leading power dialer, schedule a free demonstration of the platform.