Bank Debt

The debt collection industry has experienced rapid growth in the last decade or so. Like other businesses today, they have their share of challenges. For starters, people typically have a resentful attitude toward the companies offering to help them get out from under their debts. Even more? Tracking down and actually making contact with the people who owe money to businesses can be next to impossible sometimes. Having excellent customer relationship management (CRM) software on your side can make all the difference.

But the beauty lies in choosing the right CRM for your company. All too often, businesses fall into the trap of choosing a platform based on what’s cheapest. Other pitfalls include:

  • Neglecting to consider what the end-users need before picking a CRM
  • Choosing a CRM without all the necessary features on one single platform
  • Failing to integrate the CRM with other systems
  • Implementing a CRM without first doing the proper research
  • Picking a CRM that’s difficult to implement and clunky to use
  • Not having metrics to measure and evaluate success

A CRM that doesn’t streamline your processes and boost your business will soon become a drain. Do your research, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll find CRMDialer does things differently. This all-in-one CRM solution might be just what you’ve been missing all along.

Why CRMDialer?

Companies benefit from an all-in-one CRM that provides a single solution for all their needs. That’s what makes CRMDialer so different. There are other types of debt collection software and other debt collection CRMs out there, but companies looking for a unified solution that’s loaded with powerful features and tools to make their business easier and more profitable turn to CRMDialer. And here are five reasons why:

It’s More Than Just Debt Collection Software

What if we told you that you could access a debt collection software that has everything from a Power Dialer to SMS to email loaded into the interface? That’s part of what this platform has to offer.

It replaces your existing phone system and does the work of your debt collection CRM with call center cloud. What can you expect? Three major communication tools, including:

1. Power-Dialer

An important part of the debt collection business is making calls and tracking down people that owe money. This platform lets you make calls right from your browser with click-to-call functionality and call queues so reps spend less time dialing and more time connecting with the people you’re trying to reach. You also get IVR that makes sure incoming calls get routed appropriately with voicemail drops, missed call notifications, and call forwarding. Local presence dynamic dialing has been shown to increase contact rates by up to 400 percent.

That’s pretty major. But do you know what the most exciting feature of the power-dialer is? It has whisper and barge functionality, which allows managers to whisper to the debt collection rep to offer advice during a challenging call or barge into it to help out more directly.

2. SMS for More Contact Options

Text messaging is a wonderful way to send payment reminders, personalized messages and follow-ups. Other uses of SMS include sending:

  • Payment notifications — a quick reminder can help keep things on track
  • Text messages with account details, contact information, interest rates and other useful information
  • Reminders that inform potential clients about debt collection laws

3. Email

Say goodbye to logging out of your debt collection software to log into your email. This power dialer CRM also gives you an inbound and outbound email with tracking as well as the ability to sync with your Gmail or Outlook accounts. There’s also a built-in scheduler that lets you send emails on a specific date and time based on when the people you’re trying to connect with are most likely to read them and engage. You can also create templates and use analytics to evaluate how effective they are at getting the responses you want.

Better Organization with Lead Management

Many of today’s debt collection companies buy leads from third parties. Without a great, easy-to-use database, that information could get overwhelming, and details could end up falling by the wayside. Not with this platform. You can report on unlimited fields and each user can customize their view. The lead importer and user assignments make loading your list of leads fast and easy. Other perks of the built-in lead management system include:

  • A duplicate checker so you can avoid importing leads two or more times
  • Automatic notifications as leads move through your business cycle
  • Bulk email validation during importing, reducing your bounce rate and making sure you have the information you need

Seamless Note Taking

Debt collection companies also rely on note-taking and task setting for follow-ups. With this system, you can do it all! Send emails and text messages even while you’re on a call. You can set up callback tasks and email templates. Best of all, you can record your notes right on the lead page. And you get to choose whether you type your notes or use the high-quality speech recognition software to take notes and write emails up to three times faster than manual typing.

Integrated Calendar

Keep all your important dates straight right from your debt collection CRM. With CRMDialer’s integrated calendar, you’ll never miss an important meeting, appointment or follow-up again. You can sync this calendar to Outlook 365 Calendar and Google Calendar to have all your to-do’s and appointments in one place. It also gives you the ability to manage other people’s calendars and even automate reminders so that you’re organized and on top of your workload.

Built-in Helpdesk Means Stellar Customer Service

Happy clients are important for every business, including debt collection companies. When your CRM has a helpdesk built right in, you’ll be able to deliver top-notch service no matter where you are or what device you’re on. Track tickets from the moment they come in until they resolve to make sure every issue is handled quickly and efficiently.


Chat for Amazing Collaboration

Picture this: You’re on a call and you have a quick question for a teammate. With CRMDialer, all you have to do is bring up the chat and shoot a message or search by topic to find the information you need in mere moments. The internal chat feature is a great team builder and a handy resource that lets everyone share files, images and other information in a searchable database.

Other helpful tools include electronic signatures so you can sign leads into clients without hassle or frustration. The platform also integrates with many external tools so you can spend less time logging in and out of your system and more time getting your job done.

There’s a reason why CRMDialer, powered by IRIS, is trusted by so many businesses out there. This effective platform delivers big on features. But even more impressive? Transparent pricing and convenient terms.

Why wait? Take your debt collection company to the next level with the all-in-one solution that’s easy to use, customizable and loaded with helpful features, including the metrics you need to assess your own success.