Real Estate CRM

2021 will be a year in which businesses across all sectors look to technology to help reignite growth and plug the operational gaps left in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The trend will likely see a significant acceleration in the adoption of customer resource management software among real estate professionals, as real estate CRMs represent a high efficacy, high-ROI force multiplier in all sales-based environments. CRMDialer is the real estate industry’s leading CRM, and it stands to bolster that status in 2021 thanks to its ability to improve your agency’s customer acquisition while simultaneously boosting your team’s productivity, reclaiming wasted time, and cutting costs. 


CRMDialer Enhances Your Agents’ Prospecting and Acquisition

The primary value a customer resource management system offers your real estate agency is two-fold. First, a real estate CRM helps your agents better source and manage leads from the first contact through to signing on the dotting line. Second, it helps your agents save time and boost productivity by centralizing and automating as many time-consuming tasks as possible.


How CRMDialer Improves Prospecting and Lead Management

One of the most important aspects of real estate success is keeping a steady stream of leads flowing into the top of your sales funnel. CRMDialer starts by making it easier for your agents to collect new leads by automating new lead account creation. The system can auto-generate new lead accounts from your website, email, inbound telephone calls, and more. With CRMDialer, something as simple as a tablet set up at an open house becomes a powerful lead generation and data collection tool, supercharging your lead capture with little overhead and effort.

Managing your lead accounts with CRMDialer is just as easy. CRMDialer automatically captures the details of each interaction, whether it’s a phone call, an email, a website visit, or a meeting. Adding custom notes can be done in a matter of a few clicks, and the system can automatically reclassify leads based on pre-determined interactions. Your real estate agents can easily keep close tabs on where each lead is in the sales process, ensuring no prospective buyer or seller ever slips through the cracks. 


How CRMDialer Improves Real Estate Productivity

In addition to automating your agents’ lead collection and management, CRMDialer also automates and centralizes a variety of other daily tasks. Agents can sync their Gmail and Outlook accounts directly into the CRM, enabling email and calendar management to be brought into the same system used for lead management, sales data tracking, and more. CRMDialer also includes a built-in power dialer and a complete email marketing system, making it a one-stop communications platform. The centralization of tasks saves your agents the time and hassle of jumping between different platforms and wrangling information from multiple sources. 

Your agents can also automate their follow-up communications across email, text messaging, and even the phone. With this tool, agents are able to maintain effortless and constant contact with prospects – a particularly valuable practice with potential sellers who might not be ready now, but will be down the line.


CRMDialer Enables You to Improve Targeting Even as Open-House Attendance is Dropping

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused major changes across all industries, and real-estate has not been immune. Even in the early days of the pandemic, open house attendance saw drops of roughly 15%. As the pandemic worsened, so did attendance. Unfortunately, public education on the importance of social distancing combined with the emergence of highly contagious new strains means it might be a while before showings return to normal. With fewer buyers willing to show up to see homes in person, savvy real estate agents need to find new ways to gain insight into buyer tastes and serve up the right properties. CRMDialer offers agents a powerful way to do exactly that, thanks to its built-in website visitor tracking feature. 

CRMDialer’s visitor tracking enables your agents to keep an eye on which properties potential buyers are showing the most interest in based on how they interact with the listings on your website. By gaining insight into which properties individual buyers are spending the most time on and viewing most often, your agents can start to create a buyer profile even before initial one-on-one contact has been made. That allows agents to hone in on buyer tastes without in-person showings and to have the most relevant alternate properties picked out as quickly as possible – two surefire ways to save time and impress potential customers. 


How Visitor Tracking Works in CRMDialer

CRMDialer’s visitor tracking works by using the latest in cookie technology to recognize leads in your database as soon as they land on your website. Once a lead is on-site, each link they click and each page they view will be automatically logged to the notes area of their account in the CRM. The system also provides an on-screen notification telling your agents whenever a lead is on-site and browsing, helping your agents determine the ideal times to get in touch. 

With a lead’s interactions with your site captured in the CRM, your agents can open the notes tab in the lead’s account and instantly see which properties they’ve showed the most interest in. The agent can then look for common aspects of those properties to determine what the buyer is looking for and to suggest other properties the buyer may not have seen yet. 


Between its abilities to streamline your agents’ workflows, supercharge your client acquisition, and provide deep insight into the needs of your buyers even before they make one-on-one contact, CRMDialer is the ultimate real estate tech solution for 2021. If you’re ready to see first-hand everything CRMDialer can do for your agency and your team, start your no-commitment free trial of the software and start putting the power of customer resource management to work today!