Integrated Dialer

Did you know that more than 90% of customer interactions happen over the phone? And it isn’t just limited to cold calling and prospecting. Think about the amount of time you typically spend following up with customers, checking in with professional colleagues and responding to questions and inquiries. Given the huge chunk of time that the best sales professionals spend on the phone, it only makes sense to make the jump to this conclusion: The best professionals need the best sales dialer on their side.

There are lots of dialers out there, but they’re not all created equally. When you need the best, you need an all in one solution that empowers you, supercharges your sales and streamlines your workflow.

You need a dialer with features and tools like these:

Click to Call

Make calls right from your browser with this power dialer CRM that completely replaces your need for a phone system and a CRM. Best of all, it allows you to make calls faster than ever to speak to more people in less time. Just pull up the lead record, click and you’re ready to roll.

Call Queues

When you work in a business with multiple sales reps, having call queues to handle incoming calls makes a huge difference. When everyone’s busy on other calls, you can rest assured that incoming phone calls go right into the queue. You can arrange how the calls are distributed or allow your reps to pick the calls they want to take. And throughout the hold time, your marketing message will play on a recording.

Call Waiting

Answer, reject or place incoming calls into queues with CRMDialer’s “call waiting” feature. When calls come in, you (or your reps) will get a screen pop-up with caller ID so you know who’s calling and whether you want to answer it immediately. When calls come in, the lead record gets pulled up, enabling everyone working in your business to deliver consistency and stellar service to each and every prospect and customer.

Call, Email, and SMS Metrics

Call, Email, and SMS Metrics

Call Recordings

You control your dialer. Use the settings to set the platform to automatically record all calls and attach the files to customer records. You can also use the settings to identify situations when you don’t want the CRM to record your calls.

And More

Local presence, IVR, missed call reporting (oh my!). There are so many tools built right into the dialer that you’ll find yourself wondering what you ever did without it. Plus, with whisper and barge, supervisors and colleagues can listen in and help out when needed.

But that’s not all. There’s a reason CRMDialer is a favorite all in one solution among sales pros. In addition to the power dialer, you also get:

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  • Email: Inbound and outbound email that syncs with Google and Outlook so you can get all your email messages in one place. You’ll also get email templates, analytics and the ability to schedule messages for the best possible time to reach the recipients.
  • SMS: Back in the dark ages, you’d have to pull out your personal or work phone to send a text to your customers. Not today. Now you can text follow-ups, account details and other messages right from your browser, even while you’re taking notes or on a call.
  • Helpdesk: You’re all about customer service. This platform is all about helping you deliver next-level service with a ticketing system that lets you monitor the efficiency of your support team to make sure every issue is handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Real-Time Visitor Tracking: Get the insight you need to reach prospects and customers with the perfect message at the perfect time.
  • Payment Acceptance: One of our newest features, you can now take payments right from the CRM. Our payment collection capabilities include credit cards, ACH transactions, and e-checks. Get successful payment notifications in seconds, records that attach right to each customer’s file and next-day funding for improved cash flow — all without hidden fees.

Empower your sales today. This universal solution implements quickly and offers tons of flexibility and scalability to best meet your needs. Schedule a demo or sign up for one of our unlimited users CRM accounts. The platform is designed to streamline your workflow, increase conversions and free up time that’s otherwise wasted so you can spend more time doing what you do best.