Why SEO Firms Need CRM Software

Search engine optimization is a tough game – one in which the team you’re playing against (Google) controls the rules and can change them whenever they want. There is also an enormous amount of competition, made worse still by the fact that anyone can hang out their SEO shingle and promise clients the world. As a result, to stand out, professional SEO firms need to offer not only excellent search ranking results but also an unmatched client experience. That client management is the key to a steady client roster and long-term profitability, and CRMDialer is the ideal tool to make it possible. 


The Importance of Strong Client Management to Sales 

Modern sales are all about building relationships. From moving a prospect through the initial sales process to maintaining existing customers and maximizing their lifetime value to the company, salespeople can no longer afford to treat sales as a transactional process. That change has been driven by both a better understanding of how long-term thinking impacts lifetime revenue and by modern consumers’ demand to be treated as important individuals rather than just a wallet to be opened. 

A huge part of providing that elevated service and long-term relationship building is a strong client management process, ensuring that no client or prospect ever slips through the cracks, gets lost in the noise, or feels like anything less than number one. That’s especially important in the search engine optimization industry, where competition is fierce, results can’t ever be guaranteed, and it takes little effort for a client that feels forgotten to jump ship and move to a competitor. 

The primary ways modern sales organizations go about achieving outstanding client management is through a combination of good sales training, constant communication with prospects and existing customers, and customer resource management software. 


CRMDialer’s Built-In Client Management Features

CRMDialer, your CRM for SEO company, combines a full range of productivity, sales, and administrative features with a built-in power dialer that completely replaces the user’s existing telephone system. Designed specifically with unmatched client management in mind, CRMDialer streamlines the process of collecting and managing customer and lead data, making it easier than ever for sales staff to constantly nurture stronger relationships. 

Through the platform’s lead management suite, it’s possible to automatically generate customer or lead profiles from links embedded in an email or on websites, or manually in as little as a few clicks. Once a customer or lead account has been created, all communications with that account, including phone conversations made with the built-in power dialer, can be easily (and in some cases automatically) logged. Unlimited document storage means agreements, forms, and notes can be securely attached to each customer account, and direct integration with CRMDialer’s communication and scheduling features mean meetings, sales calls, and important events can all be easily managed on a customer-by-customer basis. 

These features offer sales staff complete situational awareness on the status and important information of every single lead and customer. That means every customer interaction can be delivered with the high-level of personalization required to make each client feel as if they are the only client. The result is happier customers, quicker progress through the sales process, and better long-term relationships. 

For more information on CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or on any of the platform’s built-in sales and productivity features. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial today!