Why SEO Firms Need CRM Software

SEO consulting is a competitive, results-based business, and just getting a foot in the door with potential clients can be a challenge. Search engine optimization firms can’t afford to approach sales and marketing tasks in a haphazard, ad-hoc method. An efficient, streamlined sales system is the key to steady growth, and a customer resource management platform is the ideal tool to get that job done.


Stand Out Above the Crowd with Personalized Service

One of the major challenges in SEO marketing and sales is the sheer volume of competition that exists. That’s especially true considering the number of fly-by-night operators offering shady services and making the environment more hostile for legitimate firms. The key to overcoming those challenges is to stand far out above the competition through exceptional customer service.

CRM software enables sales and marketing teams to manage the individual experience of each and every one of their leads, ensuring that prospects feel valued and well-treated as opposed to just another name on a list.

The lead management tools in industry leading platforms like CRMDialer enable sales teams to automatically track every single lead interaction, ensuring a seamless transition from one contact to the next and eliminating the feeling of a “generic” sales process.


Streamline Sales Operations to Boost Productivity and Revenues

At the end of the day, sales is a numbers game. The more efficiently a sales team can manage and process their leads, the more prospects they can move from the top of the funnel through to the bottom and into paying customers. In a challenging sales environment like the one facing SEO firms, it becomes even more important to optimize time and resource use in the sales process.

Customer resource management platforms are designed specifically to accomplish that streamlining, reducing the amount of manual housekeeping tasks sales teams have to perform so that they can focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Tools like power dialers, web tracking, email integration, billing, and payment handling enable agents to handle almost every aspect of the sales process from within a single piece of software, reducing wasted time switching between platforms and eliminating data transfer errors. The result is sales teams that can contact more leads each day and move those leads through the sales process more efficiently.


Handle Customer Support Faster and More Efficiently

Search engine optimization is a complex process, and clients can often have unrealistic expectations or misunderstandings about the services they’re receiving. That makes communication incredibly important to keeping customers happy and content while the SEO process moves their website up the search rankings.

Many customer resource management platforms, including CRMDialer, offer built-in customer support and ticketing platforms that enable firms to automatically log and track customer support requests, ensuring no client ever feels like they’ve been hung out to dry. Agents can also use CRMDialer to easily schedule follow-up calls, emails, or in-person meetings in order to facilitate client outreach so that the “personal touch” never fades, even after the sales process is finished.

Customer resource management platforms exist to make the sales process faster, smoother, and easier for both agents and customers alike. That streamlined sales process can be the difference between profit and loss, especially in highly competitive fields like SEO consulting. CRMDialer is packed full of the features SEO firms need, including an industry-leading power dialer, full onboard communications management including Gmail and Outlook integration, a full billing suite, electronic payment handling features, a helpdesk, and much more.

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