Payment Collection in Your CRM

Cash payments are quickly going extinct, and whether you’re in B2B or B2C sales, your customers now expect to be able to pay electronically. Failure to offer them the payment options they want is a surefire way to stand out for all the wrong reasons, so it’s important to offer a wide variety of electronic payment options, from debit and credit cards to ACH payments and eChecks, to third-party payment processors and beyond.

A good customer resource management platform allows you to do all of that while simultaneously streamlining your internal processes and making things easier on your sales and support staff. That offers your business an entire host of benefits, ranging from positive impacts on your books to happier, more productive employees.


Get Paid Faster and Reduce Accounts Receivable

On the business-side, cash is everything, and outstanding accounts are the enemy of healthy cash flow. Your business can’t afford to leave accounts unsettled or to waste resources chasing down overdue invoices. You need to enable your agents and your customers alike to get payments processed as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Having electronic payment processing built directly into your CRM enables you to do that by providing your agents with the power to process payments on the spot no matter what medium they’re selling through. Because CRM-based payment processing is centralized, it’s just as easy for your agents to process payments with a prospect they’re talking with over the phone as it is to collect on an email invoice or to have a customer pay right through your website.

By making it easier for both your team and your customers, you ensure prompter payments, lower accounts receivable, and all of the financial benefits that follow.  


Automate Payment-Related Processes for Easy Scaling

Processing electronic payments through your CRM allows you to automate many aspects of your billing and payment collection processes. You can automatically build recurring billing schedules, send automatically generated invoices, and enable your customers to pay online without ever having to interact with a sales agent.

That advanced automation and centralization mean that as your sales grow, you won’t have to worry about your sales team or customer support staff getting bogged down with the volume. Choosing a CRM platform like CRMDialer that offers unlimited client accounts means that as your business grows, your CRM grows alongside, ensuring that your billing and payment systems will always be ready to scale up.


Reduce Agent Workload through Centralization

Bringing your payment processing into your CRM platform isn’t just valuable to your cash flow and your customer experience. It also has a huge impact on the workflow and time management of your agents and staff.

Having to switch platforms for billing and payment pulls your agents from their regular workflow, and that transition means wasted time and a larger potential for error. That’s especially detrimental for agents working in environments like telephone-based sales, where maintaining tempo and hitting high volumes are key.

When agents can process payments from within the same platform they use for their calling, email, scheduling, reporting, etc., their workflow is completely uninterrupted, ensuring that they can not only provide your customers with the best experience possible, they can also do it with maximum efficiency.

CRMDialer enables your team to accept credit card payments through Authorize.Net and ACH/eCheck payments through the Paya network, all without ever having to leave the platform. It saves your team time, makes their jobs easier, and helps ensure faster payments.

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