The Power of SMS

The average American adult sends and receives 32 SMS messages per day[1]. That’s an astounding number that clearly demonstrates how dominant text messaging has become a daily communication method. Despite that adoption, it isn’t always obvious to managers and salespeople why this ubiquitous communication platform is so valuable, especially as the number of millennials acting as B2B decision-makers grow year over year. The answer is that SMS messaging carries some unique benefits that more traditional tools like email marketing can’t match.


SMS Enables You to Reach Prospects Where They Are

In a world where people are inundated by ads, it’s incredibly important to reach out to your prospects via the right mediums. Ad blindness is a real phenomenon, and your prospects are incredibly adept at filtering out advertising and sales messages they don’t want to receive.

At the same time, we’re more attached to our mobile devices than ever – almost to the point of being dependent. When people hear a ding or feel a buzz in their pocket, they can hardly help themselves from stopping whatever they’re doing to check their new message.

Using SMS to reach out makes use of that close connection that exists between your leads and their mobile devices. Not only are you reaching them wherever they are, but you’re also doing it over one of their most preferred communication mediums, where they’re almost certain to check your message. That can’t be said for mediums like email or cold calling.


SMS Makes It Easy for Leads to Interact and Respond Quickly

One of the best things about text messages is how easy they are to respond to. Your outgoing SMS messages should always ask your leads to respond or act in some way, whether it be a return message, a link click, or even a phone call. The goal is to open dialogue; to start a conversation. Just blasting information out is leaving a huge opportunity on the table.

SMS messages are great because they offer a wide variety of ways for you to garner those responses easily. The most obvious is a return text – the reader is already in their SMS application after all. But beyond that, a phone number embedded in an SMS message will appear to the reader on-screen as a clickable link that will immediately launch a call. What better way to get a lead to call in? Likewise, an embedded link can easily direct the reader to a landing page where you can collect further information or direct them towards an offer.

The power to reach out to your prospects through their preferred communication methods and in ways that make it as easy as possible for them to interact with your offers is invaluable. SMS messaging offers exactly that, and CRMDialer has a powerful built-in SMS suite that allows you to run your SMS marketing right from within your customer resource management software. With 10,000 SMS messages per month included at no extra charge, you can both send and receive texts with your leads and existing customers, taking advantage of one of the most effective sales and marketing mediums available today.


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