Email Marketing

Email marketing is as popular today as it’s ever been because it’s cost-effective and it works. But modern consumers are more tech-savvy than ever, and email service providers have to filter out unwanted messages down to a science. That means the shotgun approach of old no longer works, and modern marketers need tools to help them run smarter campaigns. CRMDialer is just such a tool, perfectly integrating advanced email marketing with a complete customer resource management solution. That marriage not only enables you to send more targeted, more effective campaigns, it also enables you to blend those marketing campaigns directly into your sales and support efforts – a surefire way to increase revenues.  


Email Marketing Automation

CRMDialer’s unique “status triggers” enable you to assign pre-saved emails to various lead statuses so that emails can be automatically dispatched to leads as soon as their status is changed. CRMDialer also enables you to automatically change a lead’s status based on actions they take or on their “age” in the system. That means you can fully automate email series to go out sequentially to new leads as their lead status updates over time or through engagement. The result is that CRMDialer functions as a wholly self-contained autoresponder, eliminating the need for you to pay separate monthly subscriptions for stand-alone mailing service. 


Mass Email Blasting

If you’d like to manually send out a one-off email blast outside of your automated series, CRMDialer makes that easy as well! To set up a mass email, you just select the various leads you’d like included and then hit the “send mass email” button to open up the email editor. You can individually select leads to include one by one, or easily select all leads in a given status by opening the subfolder for that status from your lead list and clicking “select all.”

CRMDialer automatically imports them into the email editor where you can verify them and compose a new email or select from a preexisting template. You can send your email on the spot, or use the “schedule email” button to send out the blast at a later date or time you’ve chosen for optimal engagement. 


Email List Validation

CRMDialer provides email validation tools to ensure that you never waste list space on incorrect or fake emails or run into problems from abusive addresses. CRMDialer’s validation is provided by Zerobounce, an award-winning third party validator that not only ensures email addresses are real but also checks them against an enormous database of historical email results to ensure you’re not accidentally sending to a spam trap or an account with a known high bounce rate. That helps ensure that your emails will be delivered and read and that your outgoing mail reputation will remain high in the eyes of ISPs. 

Validation can be performed during lead importation to ensure bogus or improperly entered emails are deleted from day one, or you can validate recipients at the time of sending by clicking the “validate” button in CRMDialer’s email editor. That in-message validation is exceptionally important, especially when you’re sending out mass email blasts that could potentially result in huge bounce rates if you’re not careful to scrub bad email addresses first. 


Easy Template-Based Email Marketing Creation

CRMDialer makes email creation a breeze thanks to its easy to use template system. Template creation in CRMDialer will be familiar to anyone that has previously used a third-party autoresponder and allows you to create emails with special fields that auto-populate themselves upon sending based on the associated lead data. That allows you to create a single email that the system will automatically personalize for each recipient as soon as you press send.

Creating templates is as easy as writing a normal email and then inserting those special fields by clicking the “insert field” button and selecting from an easily searchable dropdown list. You can add images, signature blocks, and assign settings to each template, like enabling visitor tracking by default. You can also assign custom preview text to act as a “second headline” in the recipient’s inbox. 

Once a template is complete, you can easily copy it and make edits to create new templates rather than having to start over from scratch. New templates are automatically included in the template dropdown menu in the email editor, making the selection as easy as a couple of clicks. 


Visitor Tracking Capability

CRMDialer enables you to automatically assign visitor tracking to your templates or to manually select or deselect it at the time of sending. If you choose to enable tracking, the system will automatically turn any links you include from your enabled websites into visitor-specific tracking links. 

When a reader opens an email with a tracking link, CRMDialer will automatically provide an open notice. When the reader clicks on the link, CRMDialer will provide real-time updates on each new link the prospect clicks and each page they visit on your tracking-enabled website. That data will also be stored in the lead’s account for future reference. The result is a new level of engagement insight that simply isn’t available with traditional web analytics tools. 

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CRMDialer is the ultimate email marketing tool because it brings your campaigns and your marketing efforts into the same platform you use for your sales, service, administration, and all other organizational tasks. That enables better insights, better campaign development, better engagement, and better return on investment. For more information on CRMDialer’s email marketing tools, start your free trial today!