History of CRMDialer

Behind every innovation is a start-up story. The history of how CRMDialer started is centered around our team that worked its way from the foundation up to providing a world-class solution for businesses. For CRMDialer, this history of ours may have officially launched in April of 2018, but the path that led the team to where we are today began much further back.

Before we became a full-service telemarketing CRM solution to businesses of all sizes, our sophisticated platform was merely an idea. It was the idea that a CRM solution could exist for businesses that didn’t require large amounts of both time and money to install and integrate into systems already in place.

As you get to know the history of how CRMDialer started and why the company was founded, get to know the team behind our platform. Learn more about CRMDialer’s team below as we take a look back at the history of how CRMDialer began.

We’re No Strangers to Innovation

The President and founder of CRMDialer, Dimitri Akhrin, saw a need in the market back in 2010 while running and managing an independent sales organization (ISO). This need, naturally, was initially focused on the payment processing industry. He noticed that for many processors, there were limited resources available in terms of business management tools.

From this realization came the advent of IRIS CRM — a premier merchant services CRM tool specifically built for the payments industry. Today, this tool is now the leading system of its kind, utilized by hundreds of businesses and delighting loyal customers.

History Of How CRMDialer Started – We Saw the Need to Fill a Gap

With IRIS CRM going strong, the team shifted gears. We realized that, for small and midsize businesses, there failed to exist a CRM that was highly-functioning, flexible, and easy to implement. There’s no shortage of CRM-based tools on the market, but for businesses in the earliest stages of growth, they come at a cost.

The CRMDialer team believes that organizations shouldn’t have to sacrifice enterprise-level functionality for affordability. Instead, they should be able to communicate and collaborate at the highest level in an effort to build the foundation for higher quality customer relationships and more closed deals.

Our Revolutionary Power Dialer CRM Platform Was Born

From this belief, CRMDialer was born. CRMDialer is powered by the award-winning software development company, IRIS CRM, which provides full-service telemarketing and CRM services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. CRMDialer now provides the best CRM for a variety of industries including real estate and mortgage software that rely on our power dialer and there are a variety of other industries that stand to benefit from the platform.

Rather than having to outsource communications to a costly phone app and third-party vendors, features like the built-in power dialer make it possible for teams to conduct lightning-fast calls from their browsers. And for inbound sales and marketing, SMS functionality allows teams to improve their response rates across potential leads directly from the same CRMDialer system.

CRMDialer is also compatible with your merchant account for fast and easy payment processing acceptance. You can submit transactions and accept client payments across any number of vertical markets. All of these features are layered onto a suite of powerful sales tools that not only keep current client relationships thriving but ensure more closed deals in the future.

See for yourself the features that made CRMDialer the best in its class since our founding roots. Try CRMDialer with all of the platform’s features included with your free CRM trial for 14 days to experience our solutions!