Mortgage Broker Sales

Customer resource management software is becoming ubiquitous across the mortgage industry, thanks to the benefits it provides in improving the sales process and strengthening client relationships. But with so many CRM platforms on the market today, how do you know which one is right for your brokerage? The following are five of the most important features to look for when selecting a new CRM platform for your mortgage business, and choosing a CRM that offers as many of them as possible will ensure you can get the most out of your investment. 


1) A Full-Featured Power Dialer

A mortgage broker’s day is full of calling. Between reaching out to lenders and lawyers, one-on-ones with clients, and conference calls, the telephone eats up an enormous amount of time. That makes any tool that can streamline and enhance the calling process invaluable. 

A CRM with a built-in power dialer benefits brokers in two major ways. First, it enables most of the manual work of getting through a day’s calling to be automated, saving time, and eliminating mind-numbing repetition. Second, it ties each and every call directly into the CRM, ensuring that the details of each call are automatically logged, providing an unbroken stream of valuable client data. 


2) Advanced Lead Management

Effective collection and careful management of leads are crucial tasks for all successful mortgage brokers. On the front end, leads are the lifeblood of your business, and moving them from prospect to client efficiently is the key to strong revenue. Once you’ve turned those leads into clients, the task shifts to managing and nurturing the long-term relationship to ensure you’ll get repeat business and all-important word-of-mouth referrals. 

A good mortgage CRM will include an advanced lead management suite designed to make the collection of leads easier and to enable you to better nurture your relationships with each prospect and client. CRMDialer, for instance, enables brokers and agents to automatically log each and every interaction they have with leads and clients, ensuring they’ll always have access to complete customer information no matter where a lead may be in the sales or follow-up service process. 


3) Electronic Signature

Between you, your lenders, and your clients, your business is awash in signatures. Once upon a time, those signatures required one of two things: either a party had to be present, in-person, to provide their John Hancock, or they’d have to print out a form, sign it, scan it, and send it in. In short, collecting signatures was time-consuming!

But a good mortgage CRM, like CRMDialer, changes all of that with eSignature. Electronic signature enables PDF forms to be signed digitally, in a matter of a few clicks, with no requirement for printing, scanning, or in-person visits. That kind of convenience and time savings is invaluable. In the case of CRMDialer, those PDF forms can also be mapped so that all of the data contained within can be pulled directly into the CRM as needed.


4) Unlimited Secure Document Storage

All of those signatures are attached to pages and pages of forms. From disclosures to applications, renewals, financial reporting, and beyond, the mortgage business generates an enormous amount of paperwork. That paperwork needs to be organized, stored, and secured – all of which takes time, effort, and money. 

A good mortgage CRM can significantly reduce the amount of physical paperwork your brokerage needs to handle by bringing as many of your forms as possible online. That’s especially true of CRMs with built-in eSignature and field mapping like CRMDialer. But while going digital with your paperwork is certainly convenient, it can get costly if you run into storage limits. That’s why it’s so important to choose a CRM that offers unlimited, secure storage. 


5) Complete Remote and Mobile Access

If there’s one thing the recent pandemic has taught us, it’s that the most successful companies are the ones with the flexibility to adapt to non-traditional work arrangements. Not only does that flexibility ensure companies can change gears when disaster hits, but it also enables them to shrink their office space needs and save money during normal operations. That makes access to your CRM from outside the office crucial. 

A good CRM should provide your team with access remotely from anywhere they can get an internet connection, and should also put certain key features at their fingertips on mobile devices. That kind of access ensures remote work for mortgage brokerages is never an issue and enables agents and brokers to provide elevated service from anywhere. 

CRMDialer provides a wide variety of features specifically designed to streamline the kind of sales, service, and administrative tasks that mortgage brokers handle on a daily basis. To find out more about what CRMDialer can do for your brokerage, start your free trial today