Website Visitor Tracking CRM

What is Website Visitor Tracking, and why should you care? Well, think about it. Do you want to turn more prospects into more leads into more loyal customers? Of course, you do! In that case, Visitor Tracking isn’t optional. It’s essential.


Website Visitor Tracking CRM

Grow your business with website visitor tracking by turning typically anonymous traffic into valuable data.

Visitor Tracking tells you who’s visiting your website, which pages they’re looking at, and for how long. With this mission-critical information in tow, you’ll know who your prospects are and what they want. By knowing what they want, you’ll know how to target them more effectively. These are known as HOT leads because they’ve already warmed up to your services. No more cold calling. No more marketing in the dark.


If you’re using too many different software tools to track your visitors, or you aren’t using anything at all, CRMDialer CAN and WILL change everything. Our comprehensive CRM suite features a groundbreaking Website Visitor Tracking Feature that will help you determine who’s visiting your website and what they want. This way, you can set your agents up for more important sales calls, with your prospect’s purest needs at heart.


If you want to truly understand your prospects’ behavior with Visitor Tracking, CRMDialer is an indispensable tool. With our all-in-one suite, you’ll be able to view your prospects’ personal information at a glance. It’s all right there in front of you on your dashboard. The second your prospect visits your website for the first time, and every time after that, your sales agents will know exactly what they searched for and for how long. This way, reps can quickly determine how to convert them better, bringing an end to the vicious cycle of unsuccessful cold calling.


Visitor Tracking is crucial for boosting sales through more effective targeting. With CRMDialer, you can give your prospects a warm nudge in the right direction. Your suite will store all activity for every visitor, tracking all clicks so sales agents can provide service that gets better and better.

Visitor Tracking also solves the dilemma of who should I call next?Agents can make more informed decisions based on the interest expressed by the visitor, the time spent on your website, and more.


What our clients also love about CRMDialer is that the software alerts you should a website visitor return again – be it in 24 hours or two months. Real-time notifications keep agents on their toes, able to quickly brew and close deals in no time. CRMDialer utilizes the latest cookie technology to track users, from clicking on links to opening emails, downloading digital assets, filling out forms, and more. Analyzing just how interested visitors are has never been this simple or effective.


At the end of the day, your website is the most important tool you own to boost sales. No matter how popular social media becomes, people will always want to visit your website for more information. By knowing when they’re visiting and what they want, you can create more personalized conversations between agents and prospects. If that doesn’t boost your sales tenfold, nothing will.


For more information on CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or on any of the platform’s built-in sales and productivity features. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial!