Voicemail Drop

Have you heard that voicemail is dead? Many think people don’t listen to voicemail anymore. Even though emails and SMS messages boast a higher response rate, there’s an important place in the inbound sales process for phone calls and voicemails. In fact, more than 90% of customer interactions still take place over the phone.  

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Statistics suggest that salespeople make an average of 10 to 12 calls per hour and leave an average of 70 voicemails per day. That’s why voicemail drops really come in handy. Used alongside other powerful communication tools, this feature offered by CRMDialer’s power dialer CRM can boost response rates and — perhaps more importantly — save sales professionals valuable time. Let’s take a closer look at what this tool is, how it works and what it can do for you.

Voicemail Drop Defined

Simply put, voicemail drops put automation firmly in hand by automating the voicemail process. Even better, you don’t lose the personalized touch that voicemails provide. You prerecord an unlimited amount of custom messages that your agents will access from their dialer library while on an active call. When the time comes to leave a voicemail, your agent will choose the message that they want and “drop” it into your prospect or customer’s voicemail box with a quick click.  The system will stay connected behind the scenes and detect the answering machine silence’s prompting the voicemail to begin playing while your agents move on to their next call in the queue.


The benefit of Voicemail Drop

The main benefit boils down to two simple words: time saved. Remember that 70 voicemails per day figure mentioned earlier? If you consider that each voicemail takes roughly one minute — 30 seconds to listen to the message and 30 seconds to leave your own — your agents are likely spending 70 minutes or more every day just leaving messages for people. Over the course of a month, that adds up to more than 23 hours.

What if you could get that time back? Well, you can with voicemail drop. And THAT is the biggest benefit salespeople could hope for — more time to spend actually connecting with prospects, having meaningful conversations and closing deals. 

What Can You Do with Voicemail Drop?

Sounds pretty great so far, right? Not only do you save time, but this tool also empowers salespeople to choose the best approach for every call, while your CRM provides the metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your approach. In addition to saving valuable time, voicemail drop – lets you:

  • Leave personalized messages: You can pre-record multiple messages so that each message can differ by campaign or time zone or product and use different wording for various situations to maximize time efficiency without sacrificing that personal touch.
  • Maintain optimal quality: Your messages will always sound energized and enthusiastic, no matter how many calls you’ve made or how tired you may be.
  • Optimize your messages: Because you monitor effectiveness, you can also change things up to optimize your response rate and reach more people.

VM remains one of the important touchpoints in the relationship between salespeople and prospects. When you have the right tools on your side — like easy-to-use voicemail drop — your job can be a little easier and faster. That’s what all good sales tools are all about, right? Voicemail drop is just one of the many tools offered by CRMDialer. Other game-changing features include SMS, email marketing, chat, power dialer, metrics, and integrated helpdesk.