It seems impossible that simple software can make a huge difference in the way you operate your business. As many business owners have discovered, customer relationship management (CRM) software does just that. In fact, for anyone looking to start a business, grow a business or increase their bottom line, having a CRM is a real game-changer.

If you’ve never worked with a CRM before, it can seem a bit mysterious. There’s been lots of buzz in the past few years about CRMs. But how does it work and what exactly does it do? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the main functions:

  •       It Organizes Your Contacts: No matter what business you’re in, you need a system to keep all your prospects, leads and customers organized. Otherwise, you risk missing out on key opportunities to take action, increase conversions and build lasting relationships.
  •       It Automates Documentation: The best CRMs attach emails, SMS, call logs, payment activity and website visitor tracking information right to the lead field, giving you a robust view of the interactions between your business and your prospects and customers.
  •       It Streamlines Business Functions: Forget logging in and out of multiple systems. Do all your business from one single platform to save time, reduce errors and keep your business running smoothly.
  •       It Increases Efficiency: A CRM helps you manage your workflows, makes it easier to evenly distribute work among your team and provides the tools to enhance collaboration and communication to minimize wasted time and maximize your effectiveness.
  •       It Alerts You to Important Tasks: Schedule meetings, follow-ups, and other tasks to never let anything slip through the cracks. Your CRM will keep you on top of all the things you need to be doing to keep moving forward.
  •       It Supports Consistent Sales and Marketing: Up your game with workflows that keep sales in the pipeline, prospects at the ready and marketing campaigns that are sharp and effective. CRMs give you all the tools you need, plus analytics to make sure everything’s working at peak performance.

Choosing a CRM

In an article for Forbes, Casey Jacox, President of Client Strategy and Partnerships at a staffing agency, said, “After nearly 20 years of selling experience (15 of which were spent as the top performer at the firm), I can tell you that without using a CRM platform, I would not have had the success I had.” And the beauty of the right CRM? It isn’t limited just to sales. It isn’t limited to any one industry.

That’s just one of the ways that CRMDialer shines. This all-in-one CRM platform’s designed to help you do more in less time to streamline your business and boost your bottom line with powerful features that keep your business running smoothly. Some of the top features include:

Power Dialer

There’s a reason we’re everyone’s favorite power dialer CRM. Our sophisticated cloud-based software replaces your need for costly phone systems while providing the ultimate flexibility and scalability. If you opt for a plan that includes this feature, you get tools like:

  •       Click to call for faster communications
  •       Voicemail drop to save time without sacrificing that personal touch that’s so important
  •       Call queues, round-robin, and IVR to help get calls to the right people on your team
  •       Whisper and barge for training and collaboration

Email and SMS

We all know that phone calls are important, but they’re not the only method your business should be using to reach out and keep in touch with prospects, leads, and customers. That’s why we integrated SMS right from the platform and email that syncs with Google and Outlook so you can get all your emails in one single place.

Payment Collection

One of our newest features is our invoicing and payment collection capabilities. Now you can accept credit cards, ACH transactions, and e-checks right from your CRM. Not only do you get paid faster — you have to love next-day funding — you also won’t have to deal with hidden charges or astronomical fees.

A Built-In Helpdesk

Delivering outstanding customer service is what sets you apart from your competitors. This platform’s helpdesk ticketing system lets you make sure every issue is handled efficiently, and it enables you to monitor tickets from the time they come in until the issue is resolved.

Those are just a few of the features that CRMDialer has to offer. This universal CRM solution is a white-label platform that allows you to customize your views and add your own branding without needing a developer or IT specialist.

When you’re ready, sign up for the account that works best for you, and, within minutes, you’ll have your CRM implemented and ready to start rocking your business.